How to play with Spike using these tricks

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Table of Contents

There are many heroes and numerous modalities that can be chosen in Brawl Stars, so it is normal for less frequent players to be confused about which one is better for each game based on its characteristics, or how to use their attacks depending on what it serves. his last

Brawl stars

Spike Features

He is a long-range character whose strength lies in containing and slowing down multiple enemies. At the same time, he throws spike balls that when detonated can hit other targets. He is a hero of legendary quality that has relatively little health, although it can reach 3360 points at level 9. Of course, its attacks are perfect to finish or at least isolate groups of enemies in one go.

super spike attack

First, his basic attack Pomegranate Needle with 480 points of damage, as we have already said before, consists of explode and throw spikes in all directions, hitting enemies and objects dealing damage. Second, his super attack consists of a circular area of ​​spines in which all enemies that pass by are slowed, in addition to taking extra damage.

Finally, it has two Star Skills, something that not all heroes in the game have. The first and the most important is called Fertilizer, That allows him heal up to 500 health points if he steps on the circular area of ​​spines from his super attack that we explained just now. His second Star Skill which is known as Curvature, causes the spikes on his basic attack to bend for greater range of enemies.

How to play with Spike in Brawl Stars

With everything already explained and chewed, it remains to be seen how we can use these resources in a game of the game. Before continuing, a decision that is advisable but at the same time personal is that Spike is used for modalities such as ‘Starfighter’. Your goal is to keep enemies at bay and keep enemies out, which is consistent with a sniper like Spike.

play with spike in brawl stars

The main thing, in any game with Spike, is avoid a direct confrontation with any brawler, especially with Brock or Piper. These can eliminate us almost in a couple of blows, so our mission will be to throw spikes at the bushes so that no one hides, especially to wait to catch boxes in Showdown.

In Atrapagemas, We must adopt the role of staying in the gem mine and controlling that the enemies do not approach the perimeter. It can never be a gem bearer, as its low health It can cause you to lose gems quickly, or to take as many as possible because we will surely lose them. Instead, it can be an opportunity to launch the super attack and have our teammates collect that trail of gems. They are the most appropriate game modes to play with Spike in Brawl Stars, since in others like Reward or Heist its use will not be so fruitful.