How to play with Colette to increase her damage

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Table of Contents

It is a problem that this character drags with its statistics and that many of the players fear when choosing it for a game. Anyway, we are going to expose the problems it supports and how we can alleviate them so that it is much more playable, since it is still a very susceptible Brawler to choose from.

Brawl stars
Brawl stars

What problem does Colette have?

The elemental aspect that denotes Colette’s deficiencies offers a clear diagnosis: it seems more than clear that Colette is absolutely horrible in 1 vs 1, and therefore is completely useless in some modes like Survival, since in many scenarios it does not have the ability to finish off an enemy.

colette gameplay

Colette has serious difficulties to come up with a simple combo, having to calculate exactly where and how to execute it. She has a very worrying dependency on her Super Attack, which makes her useless a large part of the game. Another detail of her basic attack is that Colette needs to hit her three shots so that the enemy is below 40% life

How to play with Colette without getting frustrated

Starting from a null basic attack in 1 against 1 and its dependence on the Super attack, there is no other option but to look for other options. That movement on which it depends so much consists of ramming the enemies and returning to the starting point performing as damage 20% of the opponent’s maximum health. In addition, he has his stellar ability, Push, which drags enemies to the furthest point from his Super.

colette basic attack

But going back to the basic attack, which is the one we use the most, it has to be fixed in some way, being a way that the companions go close to Colette. You wonder why It turns out that Colette’s damage is not fixed, as she deals a 35% of the enemy’s current health, up to a minimum of 200 points. Therefore, it will never be possible to finish off any enemy, a task that must be taken by another brawler on the team.

Luckily, a gadget has been included that can provide a second alternative to Colette’s damage. That gadget is called ‘Partial Clearance’, which causes the next shot to do 40% of the character’s current health. In addition, a second component called ‘Mass Tax’ has been added with which Colette can get 10% shield for 5 seconds while performing his Super.

colette ultimate attack

In any case, your key will be in your ultimate attack, whose range must exceed the opponent so that you can hit him twice with that push. That way, it will remove up to 1,400 points on the way and another 1,400 points on the return, in addition to returning to a safe point. Brawlers like Dynamike or Barley can be great targets. The basic attack will help us to load the ulti and make the perfect combo.