How to open an account on Weibo, without a number of chinese phone

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It may not be a simple network to understand due to the language in which they publish their members, but that is not a bad idea to have a presence on Weibo, if you follow the current technological. Do you want to enter the platform and do not know how to overcome the stumbling block of the chinese mobile? No problem: there is a way to open an account with a mobile number of another territory: the international version.

The latest leaks of a future phone, the information directly from chinese manufacturers or set up conversations with people of that country, with Weibo, you can be aware of all whenever you are not turned off by the language. And the mobile app, international is great for this since it includes a translator text in Spanish, nor need a phone number chinese to open an account in the platform. The start-up process is extremely simple: you will have Weibo on your Android in a very few steps. And you can use it in the rest of the devices, by the relevant ‘login’.

Installs Weibo international


Weibo is available in the Google Play store, but there are two versions: china and the international. With both applications you can access the social network, but only the international access phone numbers not chinese: this is the one you should choose. In the event that you want to download the application from outside Google Play, this is located in Apk Pure.

The first requirement you already know: download and install the application Weibo international. From Google Play, in APK or in other stores, as is the case of Huawei AppGallery.

Weibo (international)

Weibo (international)

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Weico
  • Download: For Android on Google Play

Once installed, tap to open an account in Weibo:

  • Start the app and tap ‘Start now’, in the lower part of the screen.
  • Click on ‘Login’ to log in and register a new account.
  • Click on ‘Sign up’ on the top right.
  • Now tap enter a valid phone number. To be the international application, phone numbers of spaniards are suitable– select ‘Spain’ in the country options and you will be able to register the number.
  • If your number is not a English test to enter the country: Weibo allows you to record in a variety of territories. In the case of not be able to register with that number tries to use a service of confirmation virtual SMS.
  • Once you have registered the number Weibo network will let you choose a user number. The whole process is in English and is not difficult to complete.

After the registration you will have your account of Weibo active. The international application works well and includes the option to translate the texts in chinese, very useful to find out what they say. Not has excessive permissions to it, but yes you should assess the use of your phone number: please remember that all of that information to circulate on the chinese servers. We recommend that you use a different number of staff or to access to Weibo via a virtual number.

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How to open an account on Weibo, without a number of chinese phone

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How to open an account on Weibo, without a number of chinese phone 1

How to open an account on Weibo, without a number of chinese phone 2