How to locate a Android phone

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Table of Contents

Does not fail: a day you’re distracted by home thinking of your things, you leave the phone on any part and you continue with your chores. When you realize, the time has gone and you forgot where noses had put the damn mobile. It could even be worse, to have forgotten the device in any other place such as a bar, a park, the house of your friends… you Could call yourself from another device to see if it sounds and try to find it, but imagine you are not close to, is muted, or it happens as to me, that you have a baby at home with the sleep light. What now? We are going to show you what to do to find your Android.

How to find your Android

Some time ago Google created a utility for Android, paired with its online version, called Find my device.





In order to use it you need to meet prior to these requirements:

  • The device must be switched on.
  • You must be logged in to a Google account.
  • It needs to be connected to a Wifi network or mobile data.
  • Must be visible in Google Play.
  • You must have the location selected and also the function of Find my device in the same terminal. To activate the half of this function you will have to come to the path Settings > Security > Find my device of your Android and make sure it is enabled:

Find my device is enabled in AndroidFind my device is enabled in Android

If you meet all of the requirements, writes Find my device in the address bar of a web browser. Google will offer the web tool in the first few results of your search. Once inside and logged in with the same Google account you use on your device, you will need to select the one that you have lost if you have more than one device associated to your account:

List of registered devicesList of registered devices

You will then need to enter your Google account password to authenticate you as the owner. Once this is done, you will come to this screen:

Main view of Find my deviceMain view of Find my device

You will see in it a number of options. In the first place, let’s see if we can locate the phone inside the house (even if in silence). To do this we click on Sound:

Ring a phone even if it is mutedRing a phone even if it is muted

If you hear that your phone rings at home, simply follow the age-old method of looking for him until you give him. Needless to say, you can make your terminal beeps as many times as necessary until you find him.

Now suppose that, despite having made a sound, not listening to anything. At best, it turns out that, after all, you have not forgotten about the house. In this case, you will have to click on Locate:

Locate your phone on the mapLocate your phone on the map

A new tab will open in the browser, it will show you the approximate location of your phone on a map:

Device geo-locatedDevice geo-located

On the map you can zoom in to the view everything you need to see with more detail where is located your phone. In the event that you are not in your home and that it will be impossible to recover it you will have to resort to other measures (such as lock it and erase it remotely).