How to know when you should start paying for Google Photos

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Google Photos is being the main protagonist of the week, after announcing that in June of next year the unlimited storage of photos in the application will end. A decision that affects millions of users in Spain and that continues to generate controversy, since many see it as a wrong decision, which can affect the use of the application on Android.

Faced with this situation, many users start downloading their photos from Google Photos, as well as looking for some alternatives in which to save their images without storage limits. Although this is normal, it is good to keep in mind how much storage space do you still have and how long it will take to fill it, to see if it pays to continue using this app.

How long will your storage last in Google Photos?

Google Photos available space

One of the things to keep in mind before making the decision to abandon Google Photos is whether this is really the best idea. You may still have a lot of storage space available in the Google app, so the end of free unlimited storage wouldn’t be a thing for you. So it is important to have this information before making a decision.

How to know when you should start paying for Google Photos 1

Fortunately, Google itself already provides us with this data. We can know the current use of storage, showing the percentage that uses your image application, in addition to saying the time left until this storage is full, following the current rate. So you can see this data:

  1. Enter this link to check storage usage.
  2. Check how much space Google Photos uses.
  3. Read how long it will last until this storage is full.

The calculation is based on the space you currently use and the history of the high-quality backup of Google Photos. The space that photos and videos normally occupy in this backup is taken into account and will calculate how long this space will last if that rhythm is maintained. It will depend on the space they occupy and the frequency with which you upload something in the app.

This is information that will give you an idea about how you use the space in Google Photos and if it is realistic to switch to a paid plan or use another application in the future.

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