How to know what applications are started and not know when you turn on your Android mobile

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How to know what applications are started and not know when you turn on your Android mobile

Each time you start your Android there are a number of applications that start automatically with the system. Thanks to this, the mobile phone connects to the mobile network, it starts the WiFi or the mail application receives new messages, for example. However, there are applications that take advantage of the auto-start for operate in the background without you knowing; not to mention that consume the most battery power of the account. Therefore, it is important to know everything that is started automatically: this way you will keep your Android more private and secure.

The performance of your Android is not away in excess of how to operate a computer: the operating system that manages the phone runs in a start, and, with him, opens those applications that the device needs for the essential tasks. The majority of these applications are inherent to the system and the layer custom manufacturerbut it may be the case that some app you’ve installed is also start by itself. Do you want to know all the applications that run when you turn on your phone? Let’s look at the ways that there are to do this.

Look for the option of ‘auto-start’


All phones have apps and services that start automatically when the phone is switched on, but not all brands offer the option of knowing. As is often the case, there is no one way in Android to discover apps that start up when you turn on the phone; so you’ll have to keep tasting until you give with the best way to monitor the boot.

The option you seek is called ‘auto-start’, is one of the permissions that can be granted to applications. It is best to locate it from the browser settings: write it at the top of the configuration and see if your mobile lets you configure it. You can also go to the entire list of permissions, from the application menu (tap the three dots top menu to discover the options of permissions).

In the event that you can access the list of applications that run automatically you may have the option of manually select which apps are started or not by themselves (in the case of MIUI on Xiaomi, for example). Thoroughly scans the list of apps, and if you see that one is started automatically (when it should not), he values his removal.

Find out what apps are started alone with Autostarts

Applications autostart Autostarts

Given that not all mobile phones offer access to the apps that start themselves, touch use an application for the task. In our case we use a with a certain age that continues to work well for what we want: Autostarts. Will not let you remove the permission of autorun applications, but that will inform you about those apps that do a wrong usage of auto start.



Autostarts has an interface out of date, but it is functional. Nothing more to tear it away, you will see a list: click on ‘During startup’, and you’ll see all the services and applications that run along with the system; and if you click on ‘After starttup’ you will discover all of the software that starts up automatically before your Android give you the option to use it after the boot. All of these apps and services remain open constantly. It has not to be dangerous, at least as long as their use is justified.

If the use of an application is no justification for this start alone and work in the background, evaluate whether you need to uninstall it

Although the majority of apps and services from the start is essential, may have applications that should not be there. Take an in-depth look at both lists and, if there is any app that is not appropriate (that does not need to be always working, that is not a system and you make it unrecognizable, that may be suspicious) proceed to uninstall it.

A third solution: Startup Manager

Applications Auto-Start Startup Manager

This application defines very well his operation in the name: boot manager. And it is just what it does: it gives you all the applications that start along with the system to have a greater knowledge of how it behaves with your phone. In addition, you can easily disable the automatic startup of those apps that you want: click on the icon ‘-‘, to the right of each app, and this will not start until you open it manually.

Startup Manager is an app that also has some antiquity: it is 2015. However, it is still working with the current versions of Android: what we have seen in Android 9 Foot and in Android 10. It is not in the Google Play Store, but you can download the APK from UpToDown. Yes, ignore what you suggest, Startup Manager and do not install ‘All-In-One Toolbox: this is an app that will fill you with the mobile ads. Keep installed Startup Manager by clicking on ‘Stay with old’.

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How to know what applications are started and not know when you turn on your Android mobile

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