How to know the coronavirus restrictions in your city: What Covid helps you

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How to know the coronavirus restrictions in your city: What Covid helps you 1

A week ago, the State of alarm has been established again in Spain, as well as a series of restrictions. A moment in which thousands of people download COVID Radar on their phones, in order to know if they have been near someone infected with COVID-19. This is a complex time, as restrictions can vary between cities.

Each autonomous community has applied a number of additional restrictions, which for many users are somewhat confusing. If you have questions about what you can do in your city or in another, such as the place where you work, there is a tool that can help us to know more about it. We talk about QuéCovid.

Know the restrictions in your city with QuéCovid


QuéCovid is a web page, which you can access from your computer or your Android phone, at this link. The purpose of this web page is quite simple: provide information about restrictions in your city. When entering the web, you will only have to enter the postal code of your place of residence or work, to then see what the restrictions are in that place.

When we enter that zip code, a map of the area is displayed and the complete list of restrictions is shown. If we want to know more about any of them, we just have to click on it, to have complete information, such as the hours of mandatory confinement in your city, for example. All the data they publish comes from official sources, making it a reliable tool.

In addition, they give us data to better understand each of the measures, the reasons behind each of them. They also show us data on the number of new cases and deaths in the area, with a comparison of the last 14 days, in order to see the evolution. It can be helpful to see if new measures will be applied in the area.

QueCOVID data

Its interface is simple, so Any user can use QuéCovid without any problem, both on your phone and on your computer. Thus, anytime you want to have information about the restrictions that apply in a certain city, you will be able to find out very quickly.

Access QuéCovid here.

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