How to know how much all the photos and videos you have in Google Photos occupy

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Google dropped the bomb yesterday: in June 2021 backup or downgraded copy is removed from Google Photos. All photos that are uploaded to the Google cloud thereafter will be deducted from the storage space, which is 15 GB for most accounts. The question is inevitable: How big are the photos and videos that you already have uploaded to Google Photos?

This change won’t affect what’s already in Google Photos before June 21, but you’re probably wondering how many photos you already have in Google Photos and how much do they occupy, to get an idea of ​​how much the 15 GB of free storage (and shared with other services) from Google can give you.

How many photos do you have in Google Photos

Google Photos will stop making free and unlimited backups, as they will begin to use the shared storage space between all products such as Google Drive or Gmail. This means that, over time, it is inevitable that run out of free storage space.

According to Google, this 15GB of free storage should be enough for 80% of users store photos for three years, although if you want to see a more personalized estimate, you will find it here. In my case, Google estimates that it should give me for a year of backups, although it is not clear if it takes into account other factors, such as the use of Gmail or Drive storage.

19 GB

Of course, this depends a lot on how you use Google Photos, the backup, and how many photos and videos you take. Part of the equation is how many photos you take, and luckily you can see how many photos you have uploaded to Google Photos easy way.

To do this, you just have to go to google control panel and look for the Photos section. Unfold it and you can see the total number of photos you have uploaded to Google Photos, as well as the total of albums. There is no distinction between photos and videos, unfortunately.


How big are your photos in Google Photos?

If you are curious to know how much your “high” quality backup of Google Photos occupies, unfortunately Google does not make it so easy for you. If you do not need the exact data, but an approximation, in Google Photos you can see the size of any photo or video, both from the web (by pressing the information button) and from the application, by sliding up.


For example, the above photo is about 400 KB in size and has been uploaded via Google Photos automatic backup, so it is compressed and not original quality. Taking into account that I have about 134,000 more photos in my account, an estimate can be made that my full backup should be around 53 gigs, gig up or gig down.

If you want more precise data, you can get it downloading all your photos with Google Takeout. The downside is that this process takes a long time and, in addition, it implies that you download all your photos and videos just to see how much they occupy, which is not very optimal. Possibly before June 21, Google makes it easier to know the data, but for now the only alternative is order a copy of all Google Photos and download it.


When you have such a copy, you will need unzip it on a PC and enter the folder Instant upload, inside, where all the photos that have been uploaded to the system with Google Photos are included.

Selected items

Now, you can finally see how much your entire Google Photos library occupies, selecting all files or, if you want to be more scientific, leaving the JSON files, which include the metadata, deselected.

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How to know how much all the photos and videos you have in Google Photos occupy

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How to know how much all the photos and videos you have in Google Photos occupy 1

How to know how much all the photos and videos you have in Google Photos occupy 2