How to install applications on a Huawei mobile from the Huawei App Gallery website

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One of the oldest tricks on Google Play is the ability to install apps remotely, logging into the Google Play website. On Huawei phones that do not have Google services pre-installed, you can also install applications remotely, with the Huawei App Gallery web.

The Huawei store, App Gallery has been there for a few years, but it was after United States veto when the company promoted its use with different initiatives and new functionalities. One of them is the web version, similar to Google Play, and from which you can “send” applications to be installed on the mobile.

1. Log in with your Huawei account

If you have ever installed an application on your Android mobile through the web version of Google Play, doing it on a Huawei mobile with App Gallery is basically the same, apart from the obvious differences. First of all, you must visit the web version of App Gallery and log in with the same username you have on your mobile.

That is, in the event that you have not created a Huawei account on your mobile, you must do so beforehand. In the web version of Huawei App Gallery, you can log in tapping on the avatar in the upper right corner.

Log in

You can log in in several ways: using your email, login ID, phone number, and password, or using an SMS message to do so. After successfully logging in, you will be will ask you to verify your identity by entering a numeric code.


This numeric code should appear on your mobile, although it is not shown until you accept a window indicating that you are trying to log in. After entering the code, you must accept the privacy agreement and you can choose if you want to trust the browser, in which case not you will be asked again for verification next time.

2. Select the device

From here, the process is practically traced to that of Google Play. The web version of Huawei App Gallery allows you to browse through the different categories and sections, as well as use the search engine to find applications of your interest. When you find one, click the button Install.


A floating window will then open, indicating the name of the application, the size it occupies and the devices that are associated with the Huawei account. Choose yours from the list and press OK to send the installation to said mobile.

As indicated in the window, you need to have Huawei App Gallery or higher, which is not too difficult since the latest version as of today is already 10.6. Keep in mind, of course, that in the list of devices, a different name may appear if your mobile has several versions with several names. In my case, it is a Huawei P30 Lite, but it appears as a Nova 4e.


3. Accept the installation

There is a difference between installing applications from the Google Play website and from the App Gallery: while Google Play installs them without user intervention, for now the installations in the App Gallery they ask for your permission before downloading and installing, through a notification.


If you accept the installation, will add the download to Huawei App Gallery and otherwise it will download and install itself. It is, therefore, a somewhat more comfortable way of consulting the application store on the big screen, being able to install the apps that you find interesting without having to go around sending links or scanning QR codes.

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How to install applications on a Huawei mobile from the Huawei App Gallery website

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How to install applications on a Huawei mobile from the Huawei App Gallery website 1

How to install applications on a Huawei mobile from the Huawei App Gallery website 2