How to increase screen sensitivity on the Galaxy S20

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The range of the Galaxy S20 was put on sale in Spain at the beginning of this 2020. This new high-end Samsung stands out for its quality, with a screen that is one of the best of the year, partly thanks to its 120 Hz refresh rate, which makes these phones ideal when it comes to playing games or consuming multimedia content.

Since these Galaxy S20s come with screen protectors as standard, you may the touch response of the screen is not the best, or at least it doesn’t seem the best to you on certain occasions. If you want to improve this, the devices come with the ability to increase touch sensitivity at all times.

Increase screen sensitivity on the Galaxy S20

Touch sensitivity Galaxy S20

Increasing the sensitivity of the screen can be a good option when playing on one of these Galaxy S20, when you need the screen to react to each touch we make. In the settings of these phones it is possible to increase the sensitivity of the screen, so that we have a better response in situations such as playing games.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Enter the Screen section.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and look for the option called Touch Sensitivity.
  4. Flip the switch.

The steps to activate this option on the high-end Samsung are simple and a better tactile response is obtained in this way on the phones. To check if this change is for the better, you can play a game on the phone and see in this way if said tactile response is better and you get a better gaming experience on the device. If not, you can always reverse this feature and disable it again.

Normally, when you activate this function on your Galaxy S20, the sensitivity increases significantly, allowing a better touch response on the screen. This is something that should be noticed when playing games, but also in general use of the device.

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