How to improve Kodi on a television with Android TV adding add-ons (add-ons) from the application itself

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Table of Contents

Kodi is one of the most playful tools when accessing multimedia content, either locally or in streaming. An application that, as we saw in its day, we can install without having to go through Google Play and that also has a high degree of customization.

Now we are going to focus on one of the strengths of Kodi such as its add-ons (add-ons). What these additions allow is that we can further expand the potential of Kodi, with apps of all kinds and this time we are going to see how these add-ons can be added and in passing review some of the most interesting legally available in the Kodi repositories.

How to install add-ons on Kodi


It’s about expanding the capacity that Kodi offers. To do this, with Kodi on our television, what we do is enter the left column (using the interface that comes by default) and click on the “Add-ons” option.


Once inside the “Addons” menu we must look for an icon shaped like an open box, located in the upper left.

Upon entering, we will see the Kodi add-ons installation menu with various options related to addons. We are going to mark the option “Install from repository” and we will search the Kodi repositories for the add-on we want to use.


There are different categories of accessories, from those related to music to images, programs, themes or information applications … For the test we will use the YouTube add-on that we can find in “Video Add-ons”.


We enter video Add-ons and see how they are sorted alphabetically. We look for YouTube and click on it.


We will then see a tab in which the addon data such as its version, its creator, captures in some cases and a description appear. We must look for the option “Install” to proceed with the installation of the add-on, in this case YouTube.


When the installation is finished (it may take a few seconds), a pop-up window in the upper right notifies us that the add-on has been installed correctly. From that moment on, we will have it accessible in the “Add-ons” menu.


Add-ons external to Kodi


Although we have focused on add-ons accessible directly from Kodi, we can also install them from external sources using .zip files that we have already downloaded. The only precaution is enable installation of files from unknown sources in the “Setting” from Kodi.


Inside we must search “System” to activate the “Unknown origins” inside the Add-ons option in the add-ons settings


At that point, we return to the main Kodi menu and in the left column we click on the Add-ons option. Again we must look for the open box icon (top left) and in the Kodi addons installation menu we click on the option “Install from a .zip file”.

At that point we just have to look for the pendrive or hard drive in which we have the .zip file and select it to install it on Kodi.

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Featured Plugins

  • Youtube: YouTube is the add-on that will allow us to play videos from the popular streaming platform without leaving Kodi.

  • Exodus: a multimedia center, compatible with both Android, desktop computers or raspberry devices. It allows local access to our files but also access to external sources for streaming.

  • PlayOn: an add-on similar to the previous one that also allows you to record content from paid streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Now.

  • Soundcloud: SoundCloud will surely sound like you if you see it as an app on Android. With this add-on you can access a large list of music and content in the form of podcasts.

  • TidalWhat to say about this addition, which brings all the musical content that we have stored in our Tidal account to the television.

  • Plex: this add-on makes it easy to centrally manage all the multimedia content that we have stored on other devices.

  • Trakt: doubts about the episodes already seen? Trakt is the solution, an add-on that allows you to keep track of your favorite series and episodes already seen.

  • BSPlayer: this add-on allows you to download subtitle packages, something very useful for series that come only in English.

  • Subscene: alternative to the previous one, it allows us to get out of a hurry if we are struggling with languages ​​when watching television series.

  • Dbmc: it is an add-on that allows access to all the content that we have stored in Dropbox.

  • Rom Collection Browser: ideal for accessing the retro games that conquered us as children from television.

  • Picture Slideshow Screensaver: this add-on acts as a photo album to be able to access all the images that we have stored on a device.

  • Yahoo! Weather– Make Kodi a place to stay informed about the weather forecast.

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How to improve Kodi on a television with Android TV adding add-ons (add-ons) from the application itself

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How to improve Kodi on a television with Android TV adding add-ons (add-ons) from the application itself 1

How to improve Kodi on a television with Android TV adding add-ons (add-ons) from the application itself 2