How to identify songs with Shazam from mobile notifications

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It has happened to all of us: you try to recognize a song, but when you find the appropriate application and it starts up, the song is over. After Shazam released four years ago an automatic mode to recognize songs without stopping and, two years later, a floating button, the popular application owned by apple has a new method: from mobile notifications.

This novelty implies that you can recognize songs with Shazam without opening Shazam, neither during the moment in which the song is being recognized nor to see the result, which is also shown in a notification on the mobile. In return, yes, you are left with one more permanent notification on your mobile until you deactivate it.

Recognize songs with Shazam without opening Shazam

Shazam’s latest invention to help you identify songs faster and easier is an old acquaintance on Android: permanent notification. Officially the function is called Shazamear from notification, and you can activate it from the app settings, accessible from the section library.


After doing so, a permanent notification is displayed with the text Press to shazamear. Tapping on it puts Shazam into listening mode, although Shazam doesn’t open and you can continue to use whatever other app you’re currently using.

To let you know that Shazam is working on it, its icon in the notification blinks slightly and as soon as I have the result, it is shown to you in a notification on your mobile, with the option to share or view the lyrics. Recognized songs are kept in their own notifications, so you can use this method to identify multiple songs and view them later than notifications.


When you get tired of the permanent notification, all you need to do is press Deactivate in it to make it disappear. If on another occasion you want to leave the mobile ready for quick song recognition with Shazam, you just have to go back to the settings and activate it again.

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How to identify songs with Shazam from mobile notifications

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How to identify songs with Shazam from mobile notifications 1

How to identify songs with Shazam from mobile notifications 2