How to hide permanent notifications on Android

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Table of Contents

In which cases do we have these permanent notifications?

When an application needs to be absolutely certain that it will not be erased from RAM by Android’s memory management system, it publishes a continuous and persistent notification. Another time when you will find non-removable alerts is when your phone or carrier really wants you to do something, like apply an update. In this way, if we press and hold one of these types of notifications, we will find that its configuration cannot be modified.

For several versions of Android, the operating system will inform us with a permanent notification that apps are showing over other apps and which one is it are running in the background. This is as a security measure, to inform the user of the behavior of each application, but fortunately both notifications can be removed.

Apart from happening with apps that run in the background, it can happen when the terminal alerts us to low battery, or when digital well-being is activated, or when we share mobile data with other devices. In all these cases, and in many others, it is practically impossible (a priori) to remove them from the panel, accumulating with other notifications.

How to hide them (in part) natively

The notification that tells us that such an application is displayed on other applications is the easiest and fastest to remove. We just have to make one long press on said notification and deactivate its switch. So we will stop seeing this notification for that particular application.

If we touch on All Categories We will go to the settings of the system notifications. There in the section Show on other apps We will see the list of applications that will show this notification. If we do not want any application to show the notification, we will have to deactivate it application by application.

set up permanent notifications

The other annoying notification is the one that informs us in a single permanent notification which applications are running in the background. Here from the system settings we will not be able to remove it from the notification bar, but yes from the status bar, that is, it does not show the notification icon when the bar is not displayed. To do this, we do the following:

  1. Long press on the notification.
  2. We select »All Categories”.
  3. Next, click on »Applications running in the background».
  4. We access “Importance” and we change to “Low”.
  5. We can also configure this notification from the adjustment wheel that appears when we do the long press.

How to remove permanent notifications with this app

Unfortunately, you cannot always hide such a notification, or even hide the icon in the status bar, so there is nothing you can do about it. Well, not by default. Because a simple app can hide any notification permanently using a workaround on Android. To do this, we simply have to follow these ephemeral and routine steps:

  1. We download the app Hide Peristent Notification from Google Play, which is paid, but very easy to use. It specifically fulfills its mission, since it does not enroll in additional functions and it also works for the latest versions of Android, up to 9 or even beyond.
  2. Of course, when you start the app for the first time, we will be asked to grant access to the app’s notifications.remove notifications hide persistent notifications
  3. Go to the main menu of the application and tap the big circular button + in the lower right corner. You will see a list of all the notifications that
  4. The notification will instantly disappear and stay forever. If you want to re-enable it, open Hide persistent notifications, select the notification from the main menu, and then choose “Show”.
Hide Persistent Notifications
Hide Persistent Notifications