How to group open tabs in Google Chrome

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How to group open tabs in Google Chrome

We are going to show you how you can group Chrome tabs on Android, no need to activate flags or anything like that, simply from the browser, as long as you have it updated. It is a simple process that takes just a few seconds, although the option is very new and unknown.

Thanks to the grouping of tabs they will stop being all messy, being able to be much more productive when it comes to finding content that you had open and that you did not want to close.

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How to group tabs in Chrome

Chrome Grouped Tabs

Tab grouping is now available to users in Chrome, after a few months as an experimental feature within the flags browser. Now just have the browser updated to the latest version for this function to appear.

We can group the tabs as we want, something that will help us to have greater order and find the pages easily

Why do we want to group tabs? Imagine that you have opened three articles in Xataka Android and that you have other tabs open in Chrome. When you go to the tab view, everything will be in that view, but in chronological order. By grouping tabs you can make those three items (tabs) be in one, so that it is much easier to locate them.

To perform this grouping of tabs in a few seconds, the method to follow is quite simple:

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  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to the tab button (marked with a number)
  • In the tab view, click on the menu button (three dots)
  • Click on ‘Group tabs’
  • Select the tabs you want to group
  • Hit ‘group’

Ready. Once we have done this process, we will have a group with the tabs inside. By clicking on the group, we will have direct access to these tabs, without being shown the rest.

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How to group open tabs in Google Chrome

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