How to get the resonance rocks

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Table of Contents

A complete tutorial to know how to get and where to find the two most wanted resonance rocks of this RPG title, the Anemoculus and Geoculus rocks.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

What is resonance rock

These are Oculi resonance stones and were introduced to the game as part of update 1.1. These stones will be useful to help you find Oculi in the regions of Mondstadt and Liyue. It is a consumable item that can be created through alchemy, although if no Anemoculus or Geoculus is found, it will not be consumed automatically.

genshin impact geoculus resonance rocks

To receive the instructions, it is reputation level 2 required in these two regions that we have mentioned. These resonance rocks, from both Anemoculus and Geoculus, serve to facilitate exploration of the two materials bearing the same names. In this way, it narrows the search area to find the two items.

How to get these resonance rocks

To get the resonance rocks in Genshin Impact, first, we must get instructions to create them. We will only be able to obtain them with what we have previously commented, that is, achieving the reputation in the Mondstadt and Liyue regions.

resonance rocks genshin impact map

So you will have to visit both regions and reach level 2 to obtain the plans. However, as with the recipes, you need to learn the blueprint before you can create the Resonance Stones. Head to the Precious Items tab in your Inventory to find it and learn it for yourself. Then, you will have to go to a crafting bench and create the resonance stones using the following ingredients:

  • Cecilia x5.
  • 500 blackberry.
  • Crystal Shard x1.
  • Dandelion Seed x5.

To create the Geoculus resonance stone you will also need the following ingredients:

  • 500 blackberry.
  • Cor Lapis x5.
  • Glazed Lily x5.
  • Crystal Shard x1.

When you have the resonance stones you will have to scan the area, you will know that there are stones nearby because the area is highlights blue. Just keep in mind that they have a 5 minute cooldown and you can only use Anemoculus resonance stone only works in Mondstadt, and Geoculus resonance stone can only work in Liyue.