How to get the Residency Battle in the Pokémon Masters

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Table of Contents

It is a series of levels in which we must fight with our friend. We will pass through several phases, called plants, which will outpace the basis of winning fights, and where the goal is to reach the last floor of them all. Eye with this, because there is not yet a plant, final and definitive, since the event takes expanded since it first appeared back in the month of February.

What you need to know about the Residence of Battle

Before you begin this event, we can form a team with up to 9 pairs of compis, and it will be better to choose well, because you’re going to stay with that team until the end of the day. On the following day, to continue this adventure, it is possible to modify it, in addition to the compis recover their health to the maximum.

Pokémon Masters
Pokémon Masters

It also carries a few requirements, as in order to access the event we need to complete in the Story mode, the chapter 7 called ‘An unwavering spirit (Normal)’. In addition, and in a more obvious way, we have to do it within the established time limits, as the process is restarted every 15 days, normally. On the other hand, once a number of plants, we will have available Residency Battle in multiplayer mode, that you will not have any limitation as to time.

Tips to getting the Residency Battle

Faced with such complexity, we do not come badly to go over some tricks to a better understanding of this game mode and know how to act, as well as mistakes that we must avoid if we do not want to see all our work crumble without any solution.

The rivals that you are going to find

With this type of challenge, in that you’re going to have fights in a row without being able to modify the equipment, you must have a prior knowledge of the field of battle, in this case, of the more than 30 plants that have this game mode. Therefore, we will leave a list below with the creatures rivals that we will find, the number of corresponding plant and the necessary strength to face the level.

plants residence battle pokémon masters

Don’t eat the nerves

With that first step of making the computer compis already internalized, we will meet this challenge. As we have already stated above, there is no turning back, so we must mentalizarnos and manage well the couples of compis, due to the damage suffered in combat, will remain in the next. Therefore, if you are the type of player that lacks patience, it will be better to have it, because if we discontinue a game or abandon, all progress will be lost.

plants residence battle pokémon masters

Nothing happens if we suffer in several battles and weaken our team completely, but inflict damage in this plant, the next day we will be able to resume the progress of the previous day. The important thing is not to get out of the game while we are in that event.

Pairs of synchronization

It is important to create synergies between the pairs of compis that we are going to accompany you during the challenge. Not only look at the strength, but the special attacks of both Pokémon complement each other, and there are a couple of them that can be of great help, in particular to improve the couple that is in combat.

  • Alakazam with Charizard/Pidgeot: This couple has attacks more harmful than was known in the game, but they are not always fully effective. To fix this, we can use Alakazam, a psychic-type Pokémon with its ability to ‘Sixth Sense’ shall accord to these two creatures of that precision that we lack.
  • Mewtwo and Serperior: attack critical Mewtwo is very effective, but its drawback is that the cycling is quite long, which makes us an easy target during that time. However, Serperior can restore the bar movement completely, that will help a lot to have new attacks for Mewtwo.