How to get the Mini Legends

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Table of Contents

Teamfight Tactics is a more simplified strategy game, importing all the knowledge of League of Legends, but in a much lighter combat format, with no lines to traverse or towers to take down. However, it has a whole range of concepts that we can make known to improve in this work. In this article, we are going to talk about Mini Legends in Teamfight Tactics.

And you will ask yourself, what is that or what is it for? That we are going to decipher in this tutorial to show the objective of this element and how we can get them to use them in the games of this strategy game.

Why get Mini Legends in Teamfight Tactics?

Mini legends are nothing more than little characters that you can control in the game while your units fight your enemies. Make use of Little Legend to select your champions in the draft / carousel rounds. In short, it is a small cosmetic that you can customize and change. This is the importance of obtaining Mini Legends. Collect as many as possible of different types and styles, keep in mind that each has several levels of improvement. So far, there are 6 different types as shown below:

  • Silverwing
  • Furyhorn
  • Runespirit
  • Hauntling
  • Molediver
  • Featherknight

How to get Mini Legends in Teamfight Tactics

There are several ways to get your first mate. The first is just buy the one you like the most and want with you. In the League Store, Riot is offering eggs containing one of six varieties of Mini Legends (Aliplatas. Ghosts, Horns, Feathers, Moles or Runentes) next to its corresponding summoner icon. Each egg costs 750 RP and can only be purchased once.

Another option is choose one of the random Mini-Legend eggs that are also available. The options here are an egg of Series 1 (Aliplatas, Fantasmines or Furicuernos) and Series 2 (Emplimadines, Topobreros or Runentes). These eggs cost 490RP and can be bought as many times as you like or until you get all varieties and levels of the Mini Legends in them.

mini legends teamfight tactics game

Finally, the cheapest way to earn your first Mini Legend is to complete the TFT missions offered by the client and can be found in the Teamfight Tactics tab of the same. When you get 100 points you will get an egg with a random Mini legend.

How to evolve your Mini Legend

To evolve the Mini Legend you will need to buy more and they turn out to be the same Mini Legend that you already have. Just like in the game to improve champions, by obtaining several equal Mini Legends, they will eventually level up.