How to get the best decks in the Clash Royale

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Table of Contents

As we know, there are numerous combinations for mounting our deck more powerful, depending on what you have unlocked, the league in which we participate and our style of play. After a few changes in the levels of some cards, it is possible to equip ourselves with the best decks that exist today.

All decks possible in the Clash Royale

The improvements in question, implemented in the 9th Season, stand out in letters of Golem, Earthquake, Pigs and Real Cannon with a Wheel, as well as the appearance of the Actual Package as a new letter. In this way, we could ‘petarlo’ if we know how to create the harness suitable, both to attack and to defend.

Clash Royale

Deck of the Golem

This letter is a classic in the fighting of Clash Royale, although we consider that the improvement that we have discussed a few lines above, in which increases your damage on the attack of this card. It is best to throw it behind the tower and wait for it to come to the bridge, to throw at the Witch Night next to him. If we have the Woodcutter, we can put this in front of the Golem for that when he dies, our monster take advantage of your double elixir, and so do more damage.

How to get the best decks in the Clash Royale 1

To defend, we can can satisfy us with Baby Dragon, the Mega Minion and a Collector of Elixir for have a little advantage at the beginning of the game. To counter the attacks of the montapuercos or Pigs Real, we can use the Tornado, while the Lightning-we will use it to weaken wizards and witches.

Deck Healer Warrior

What we will combine with the Balloon Bombastic and Collector of Elixir, to have that advantage we mentioned earlier. The idea is to place the Healer Warrior behind our tower, and when it gets closer to the bridge, throw the Balloon Bombastic. Whenever possible, use the letter of an Earthquake would be critical to our rival, because it would inflict a huge damage.

How to get the best decks in the Clash Royale 2

To defend we can always turn to the Baby Dragon, Valkyrie, and above all the Spirit of Ice if the opponent throws at us troops as the Horde of Minions, Guards, Mosquetera or Hounds of Lava. Without a doubt, a great wild card to defend against various attacks, so it is essential in the case of this deck, something more oriented to the attack.

Deck Actual Package

A new charter Supercell has pulled out of the sleeve in the last seasonand that we can find a place in this deck. To attack, it is recommended to launch the Pig Real right in the bridge to absorb the damage of attacks, and behind, the mini PEKKA that you arrive in plenty of life. If in addition we can generate a Archer Magic, from behind, attack at a distance, the knocking down of the first enemy tower is almost assured. And if we add the Earthquake, all the better, although it is difficult to combine it all.

How to get the best decks in the Clash Royale 3

With this deck, we have more resources to defend our zone, because we have the charter of a Mini PEKKA that also holds for the defense, although we will need something more to make us strong in that aspect. Simply with the Golem of Ice, the Archer’s Magic, and even the Hunter to dispel any enemy attack. However, our best weapon will be the Actual Package for remove from the map any magician or witch rival.