How to get and configure the launcher

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Table of Contents

Like every big change that happens in the launcher, it begins with a beta development before publishing it on the Play Store. This seventh generation of Nova Launcher brings with it very important news with respect to previous versions, which we are going to discuss below in addition to recommending some options to configure.

New animations and a facelift

The launcher receives an impressive change in the appearance of its interface, in addition to new animations, more updated and much renewed compared to previous versions. The reason for this beast renewal is that Nova Launcher 7 is that it is based on the latest Launcher3 from AOSP. However, the developers have taken the opportunity to introduce other functions.

Just as Nova Launcher was an innovative application for including an interface similar to Google’s Material Design, it has been the last to acquire a notable renovation. There was a certain stinginess when making design changes to the launcher, with a certain feeling of being obsolete. This renewal comes like rain in May with an app in need of fresh air.

nova launcher search bar

Aside from touching on animations and appearance, the change is both subtle and obvious, applying to the entire application and includes important changes such as the tab to add widgets. Once this new version is installed, we will notice smoother and more polished animations, eliminating the feeling of coarseness and outdated.

Option to save an APK and new search bar

Until now we knew the only way to get an APK from an external source other than Google Play. We could generate this file from an officially installed application, but always with an external program. This is not necessary in Nova Launcher, since they have included an option to save the APK of an application or game, whether it comes from Google Play from another source.

nov launcher 7 save apk

In fact, once activated, it is not necessary to even enter the settings, since it can appear in the pop up that appears when you press and hold on an icon. To do this, you just have to access the Nova Launcher settings, and then select »Appearance» (Look & feel). In this menu, we will click on »Pop-up menu style», where the option to activate «Save APK» in addition to other actions appears. Therefore, Nova Launcher allows you to customize the elements that appear in the context menu by long-tapping an app. As if that were not enough, we can choose where you want to save the APK file in the browser.

How to get Nova Launcher 7

These news are part of Nova Launcher 7, as you already know, although at first they will not be distributed on Google Play for most users. Of course, if you want to get this renewed version before anyone else, know that you can download the APK of the most recent version from APKMirror.