How to get all three stars

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We mean getting all three stars on the champions we own. It is not a utopia, but in an exercise of patience, a TFT player named Darkhood has discovered a way to earn those coveted three stars consistently and consistently.

Teamfight Tactics, the LoL strategy game

It is a mechanism to improve the level of the units

The levels in TFT delimit how many units can you have on top of the board. If you are level 5, you can have five champions in combat. Therefore, if you have an advantage over an opponent in level, you will immediately have an advantage over him. There are two ways to level up. One is fighting in the different confrontations. Each fight will grant you experience that will eventually increase your level when you accumulate a certain number of it. But you can also pay with gold to level up “artificially”.

get three stars teamfight tacticsUnits are improved the moment you acquire 3 of the same level. There are three levels: bronze, silver and gold. To get a silver unit you need three bronze and to get a gold unit you need three silver. Each unit can appear randomly during each round. Our advice is that if the possibility arises to level up a unit, you should take the opportunity. You never know if you will stop finding the missing piece. The impact of a three star / gold unit is really significant.

However, sometimes trying to find the three stars of a champion can be our most significant burden and condemn our departure, having lost the opportunity to carve out a winning composition despite being less showy in the face of the stars.

How to get all three stars in Teamfight Tactics

We must know that the higher the tier (which is the level of each champion), less quantity of each champion will be available. In other words, if players want to defeat opponents, it is difficult to do so if what you are trying to do is get nine units of the same four-coin champion to turn it into a three-star unit.

To get the best chance of touching a unit top tier, the player we have previously discussed recommends buy other champions of the same cost. In this way, you will make the pool (group of champions) is smaller, so the chances of finding the unit you are looking for will increase when you do reroll, that is, when updating the store to acquire other champions for the game.

tft stars odds

* Odds can change at any time

For example, being at level seven if we want find Jhin, There will only be 12 Jhins in the pool. So if we have extra gold, we can buy Soraka, Fizz, or any other four-gold unit to make the group smaller. Thus, the next time we update our store (reroll), we will have a higher probability of finding a Jhin than another tier four.

But that means spending too much gold, and we have already said that it should not be the central objective of the game, since we will lose the perspective of victory. What you have to do is spend only the gold that is left over for this to work. Yes you have 37 goldFor example, only seven coins would be used to buy champions. This ensures that you receive the 30 coin bonus in the next round.