How to fly infinitely in Garena Free Fire

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Despite the fact that lately only speaks of the developments of Activision and Epic Games, this game has a great community of players even before the arrival of new titles to the genre. Its mechanics is similar to the rest, with games of 50 players and the possibility of forming squads, although it tries not to last more than 10 minutes.

How to fly infinitely

It is true that it offers a lot of possibilities of play, because of, among other things, its varied map and the possibility of taking vehicles. As we all know, the game begins with a free fall towards the map, choosing us to the point where we want to be liked, and that we will try today.

Garena Free Fire: Kalahari
Garena Free Fire: Kalahari

Our glider it is a tool that can help us in certain moments of the game, especially for being able to flee from a high place if you’re in a tight spot, but what if we told you that you can fly all the time you want? Probably you would say that you have played many hours and we catalogaríais of crazy, but really there is that possibility, and we are going to tell you how to do it.

Use of a vehicle

It is true that the glider has not been present since long in the game, as it takes a few months implemented, so that it can be still be an element that has been little explored until now. If we get one, we will find it very easy to deploy the glider, thanks to a jump in advance, which will give the top of the vehicle. Obviously the more height we catch, the better we will come to a flight to more durable, although they usually will provide us with a good leap to be on the site that it is.

How to fly infinitely in Garena Free Fire 1

Due to the variety that owns the game, is not the same jump from the top of a car than a motorcycle, so we must adapt to what we encounter in the map. In addition, we must walk fast in practicing this technique, because at any moment we may be surprised by a shooting enemy.

Lean on a block of ice

The Wall Glooas we well know, is designed to protect against shots that weaken our life and generate coverage that will allow us to heal or recharge the weapon before it reaches the enemy. But we can use it for something more, something that has not been used too much by the users of this game.

How to fly infinitely in Garena Free Fire 2

If we deploy this wall, and no player is not attacking, it is an appropriate time for us to climb on top of her to catch his run-up and take out the glider. In the end, what we want is to give a small hop to be able to deploy it, because directly from the ground we can’t get it.

Jumps from the Observatory

The Observatory it is one of the most transited in the map of Garena Free Fire, and one of the reasons why it is very visited, it’s the mountain that sits just to the side. This place, which is located to the west of the map, it offers a great visibility of the whole territory.

How to fly infinitely in Garena Free Fire 1

If we climb that mountain, we will be able to travel with the parachute from the highest point, and allow us to fall at practically any point throughout the middle of the map, including in the highest towers.

Comes to a bridge

Bridges, unlike what we may think, are not just a mere decorative element in the map, but it can help us to fly all over the map. There are a few, scattered Golf Course or to the side of the Hangar and if you look carefully, are the sides of a few structures in the form of support.

How to fly infinitely in Garena Free Fire 4

We will use these structures to climb up running down one of the ends, whose slope will allow us to ascend to the top of the bracket, and with care not to fall over, give it a break prior and deploy the parachute. These bridges have the advantage of being always high points, to descend to any point of the territory.