How to fix problem logging in Google Play Games

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Table of Contents

Some of these functions that are fulfilled are to share achievements, add friends, or save the progress of each game in the cloud. This progress could sync on any device if you are logged in on the platform, although depending on the game, may result in failure to login. In fact, there is solution to avoid this problemand we will share all of you.

By accessing the settings

The most obvious option is, as in many problems that arise in Android, go to the settings of the phone. By turning to the section of “Applications,” we look for Google Play Games and we already so well-known process: delete cache, delete app data and desinstalamos updates if that is necessary. Finally, reboot your smartphone and go back to open Play Games.

On the other hand, we can choose to uninstall the game before accessing it, to ensure that the method has been effective. You must keep calm, the progress is not going to go away since we have you registered in the Google platform, do so with the objective that the cache starts from zero.

App Google Play Games

On several occasions, it has occurred that when we have some progress saved of a game, this has stopped logging in to Play Games, for no apparent reason. In a particular update, it may happen that an error of this type without the wait, the long-rebooted the game, do not log in the platform.

It is possible that its origin comes from a failure in the automatic start-up of the sameso your solution is in access to the Google Play app Games. If we head to your settings, located at three points of the top right corner, you will see an option called “log in automatically in games that support it”, which we will deactivate and return to activate. Now, when you access the game, you should skip the bubble on the screen that is logged on.

Special access applications

We return to the setting menu of the device, although we’re going to do something that is different from the first method. The Services of Google Play always passed so unnoticed because visually is not present in the box of applications, but is running in the background. And many times, the problem comes from there. In particular, it may happen that these services do not have access to the usage data.

To be turned off that option, causes the Google services are not able to operate with the data of Google Play Gamesso that leads to the ‘desynchronization’, to call it somehow. To fix it, we are directed to the section “Applications” and look for the section “special Access” application, which is usually located on the three dots in the top right corner or at the end of the same section. Once there, go down until you find the option “Access to use”, click on “Services Google Play”, and check the “Allow access” use. After all this process, it should work the login Play Games.