How to find and remove duplicates in Windows 10

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Table of Contents

There are many times when we have duplicate files on our computer and they take up space unnecessarily, photos that we have accidentally copied, installation files that we have not deleted and that we do not need … In all these cases, we can use tools and programs to find duplicates in Windows 10. We can detect them and then decide if we want to leave them as they are or if we prefer delete them and free up space.

The advantage of using these programs is that we will get put order on our computer and we will be able to gain many megabytes of storage that we will be able to use in something else, to save files that are not already there. It usually happens to us with photographs that we copy here and there, repeated folders … That is why there are many programs that allow us to eliminate duplicate files in Windows, sort them by size or by date or by name and easily find everything that is left over.


This free program is designed for all those who want to put their photos in order on the computer and do not know where to start. If you have hundreds of photos stored or thousands and you do not want to check one by one that there is a duplicate, the software does it for you. You simply have to enter a directory and it will automatically find what is repeated. It will analyze to find pictures with coincidences and we will be the ones who can have the final decision: delete it, leave it as it is … They are not always identical so it is not recommended that it be deleted automatically. As well detect identical photos rotated so this is especially useful.

Once you find two similar photos will tell us the percentage of similarity what is between the two and we can see if it is identical or if it is very very similar. Surely it happens to you that you have twenty almost identical photos of a trip because you wanted to get the best shot of that monument or landscape … You may want them all or you really do not need anything at all. In that case, the program will allow us to decide whether to leave it or not.

Find Images

Duplicates Cleaner

From Microsoft Store you can download Duplicates Cleaner, a program that automatically analyzes all the computer directories that we need and looks for duplicate images that we have stored on the PC. It allows you to search for photos but also documents and videos of all kinds. It works with an algorithm capable of finding duplicate photos, videos, documents and audio files. It’s convenient, it’s free, and it’s very fast. Also, the interface is modern and very clean. Once the computer disks have been scanned, we will see the supposedly identical results and we will be able to choose one or the other, whether to delete one, whether to leave both, whether to delete both.

Eliminate Junk


In order to detect the same images, we can also download VisiPics, a free program available that stands out for being much faster in analysis than others. It’s fast and it is designed to eliminate all those photographs that you have duplicated on your computer.

Maybe be a somewhat outdated program that has been without news for years and with a somewhat obsolete interface but fulfills its function perfectly if you are looking for something simple and practical so that you do not have to review all the photos one by one when ordering them.



AllDup is one of the most popular programs to find duplicates in Windows 10 and stands out for the speed with which it is able to scan everything on your computer. It is very fast, we can scan all types of files … It is compatible with ZIP and RAR archive and you can scan inside them to compare documents of all kinds: TXT, RFT, DOC, DOCX, 7Z, ARJ, CAB, CB7, CBR, CBT, CBZ, EPUB, GZ, ISO, LZH, LHA, NRG, RAR, TAR , ZIP … It is in Spanish so it is very easy to use and the interface is very simple. If it detects two equal music files you will be able to listen to it before deciding whether to delete it or not. This way you will see the difference between the songs or if they are identical or not. You can download AllDup for free from its website.



One of the advantages of CloneSpy is that it removes all types of files, even zero-byte files. You can find identical files but also some that are very very similar even if they do not match 100%. You can choose name, size, creation date and we can see the same file if there are two different versions and one of it is outdated, for example


Duplicate Cleaner

Another program that you can use for free is Duplicate Cleaner, another of the most complete and recommended that you can have on your computer. It allows you to eliminate duplicate files and you can compare or filter by name, date, type, size. It not only finds identical files but also others that look alike. It is in Spanish, like the previous one, so it is easy to use even if you do not have experience with this type of software.

You can choose the search criteria between several different modes such as regular mode, picture mode and audio mode. You can also have search filters, choose file sizes, or choose file dates. You can choose in which location you want to search or you can see the results and decide whether to delete or leave them, for example.

Duplicate Cleaner is available from your website And there is a free version (Duplicate Cleaner Free 4) and a paid version with a 15-day trial if you prefer the Pro model.

Duplicate Cleaner


It is not specific for this work but CCleaner is a program that you may already have installed and that you do not know that it is one of the programs to find duplicate files in Windows 10, whatever type it may be. In its free version we can use this tool so if you already have it, enough with you go to “Tools” in the menu on the left and to the section “Duplicate Finder”. Here we can find all the necessary filters to find any duplicate file.

ccleaner cleaner

You can choose which disk to look for, what do you want to ignore, the minimum and maximum size of the files, if you want to search for duplicates by name or by size or by modification date… When you have already chosen the filters you will have a list of items grouped according to whether they are the same or not. With the list in front you can choose what you want to delete or what you want to keep depending on whether it is useful or not.

If you right-click on any file, a menu will appear and you can tap on “Open containing folder”, which will allow you to open the folder and compare the different files supposedly the same. Make sure they are the same before deleting anything.


It’s easy, it’s free, and we always have it on hand. The advantage of Ccleaner is that we not only have a program for this purpose but also lets you clean the tidyr, find possible malware or do regular cleaning of the files that we have stored in it.

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