How to farm materials and craft items

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Table of Contents

A complete tutorial where we are going to review what materials are available in the game, what each one is for and how to farm or get them. There are many ways, both directly and indirectly, that is, through gems as a bargaining chip to get more materials. But we will explain later.

Soul knight
Soul knight

Use of materials in this roguelike

Materials are items that can be found in the game and that They are used to assemble, forge and create objects, weapons and others in the workshop. We can find them in different ways in this dungeon game, either by green chests, buying them in the store, obtaining them in specific plants in the garden or by disassembling a weapon on the reset table. All the materials that we are collecting are kept in the green chest of the workshop, where all the materials can be removed and stored.

soul knight materials

And you may wonder, how many materials are there and what uses do they have? It is very important to know what we can dedicate each material found or farming to since, as we have mentioned a few lines above, there are several elements in which they can be applied. This is the full list:

  • Wood: For weapons related to wood, weapons with wooden handles, bows and wooden melee weapons. The ways to drop it are with Christmas ramp, fire beetle (the one with the laser), elite goblin guard (blowgun) and fire knight (spear).
  • Drums: To assemble laser weapons and sniper rifles (some). Drop via Miner (Heavy), C6H806, Colossus of Zulan, Earthworm, Alien (with laser), Crystalline Starfish, and robotics and technology related enemies
  • Organic material: For weapons many of the miscellaneous weapons, and organic type weapons, the fish and plunger are examples. Can be obtained from Snow Monkey King, Snow Monkey, Elite Snow Monkey, Varkrolyn, Little Dragon Brothers, Slime, and other organic type enemies / bosses
  • Pieces: It is used to arm mechanical type weapons. They can be found from robotic enemies or with mechanical weapons
  • Siderite: To arm metal and mechanical weapons and stone. They can be dropped through miners, knights, enemies, and metal-type bosses (the colossus of zulan and C6H806 for example).
  • Magic Fragments: They are used to arm elemental weapons (great wizard staff for example) or powerful weapons such as the One Punch and shield. Only bosses can drop it (although they can come out in green chests, sources of fortune and resetting weapons)


  • Fertilizer: Used to put together some starting weapons like: the bubble gun and the crisp bone. To drop it, they are obtained in all the ways in which you can get materials and from the knight and his horse.
  • Fragment of the Zulan: Used to build the floating laser and pistol and the wifi booster armor. It is only achieved through the colossus of zulan.
  • Fragment of C6H806: Used to arm the bomber and to arm the C5H6O5 armor.

How to farm materials in Soul Knight

We already know what materials there are, what they are for and how we can get each of them. Now we just need to know how we can farm these materials, or rather what factors we can take into account if we are going to dedicate ourselves to that task. The first thing we should know is that when we start playing Soul Knight, we can only dedicate ourselves to one thing. That is, if we dedicate ourselves to farming, it is difficult for the same game to be used to overcome levels.

soul knight kill enemies farm

Being clear that if we get to obtain materials we will not be able to win the games, the next thing to keep in mind is that we must kill all possible enemies. This is the first reason or obstacle that prevents us from winning the game, since killing all the enemies that we find in the dungeons is impossible without ending up dead. The reality is that by killing all existing creatures, the game rewards us with gems for all our eliminations. Practically, it is in a gem ratio per kill made.

Another important way to get materials is the blue ovens. This type of oven strip the weapon thrown at it and transform it to original materials, although, sometimes, not in the same amount. This quantity depends on the quality of the weapon that we present in the oven. Therefore, if you get a blue oven, put the best quality weapon, as it will give you more materials.

soul knight furnace blue

There are many ways to continue farming, such as clearing the first levels of the game to receive 50 gems for each level passed. Another way, but no less important, is to try not to spend a lot of money, since the more we have, the greater the reward of Soul Knight in the form of gems, and therefore, in acquiring materials.