How to enable notification history in One UI 3.0

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How to enable notification history in One UI 3.0

With the update to One UI 3.0 Samsung Galaxy that are lucky enough to receive this version also receive Android 11. Along with all its improvements, such as the notification history. This is not active by default, but it can be turned on easily in a few steps. We tell you which ones.

Each of the notifications that come into the phone jump to the notification area creating an alert. As the hours go by, a movement is generated that may need to be consulted. And nothing better than accessing the notification history, a function that is more or less hidden in phones. And with Android 11 it is much more accessible, also on the Samsung Galaxy: One UI 3.0 integrates history between your layer settings. It is really useful.

Access the notification history without apps

Notifications History

Until now we could see the notification history in the Samsung Galaxy using applications with access to Android activities, as with Nova Launcher. After updating to Android 11 and One UI 3.0 Samsung has improved access to the aforementioned history by offering a very simple way to activate it and also to consult it. Just dive into the system settings.

One time have your Samsung Galaxy mobile updated to One UI 3.0 perform the following steps to activate the notification history:

  • Open the phone settings and go to the ‘Notifications’ settings.
  • Scroll down to ‘Advanced settings’.
  • Go into ‘Notification history‘. This history is not active by default, so you have to turn it on first.
  • Once you have activated the history your Samsung Galaxy will record all the notifications that jump to the phone. And you can check them by accessing the notification history: even if you have discarded a warning, it will appear there along with the message it included.
Notifications History

The notification history is very useful to find the notices that are dismissed without looking, for example. You can also check most of the messages received from WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger without jumping the read notice in the chat. Once you have it active, each notification will be accessible in the history.

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How to enable notification history in One UI 3.0

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How to enable notification history in One UI 3.0 1

How to enable notification history in One UI 3.0 2