How to download Youtube videos from a Android mobile

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How to download Youtube videos from a Android mobile

Watch Youtube videos at the moment remains one of the most practical options. Open the app, locate the video you want to view and hit play, but sometimes it can not be so, and we need to store it in our phone. Maybe because we’re going to view it later on any place without connectionbecause we want to keep it for some time in the future in which we don’t know what availability we have.

Therefore, there are different alternatives to download these videos in our phone, one of them official and some created by third party developers. So, we are going to show you the most popular options to carry out our purpose: a Youtube video end up in our mobile phones to do with it what we want. Booting with the option official the own Youtube, if you like.

Download Youtube videos with the official mobile app for Android

Official mobile App

As we said above, Youtube allows you to download videos from your own application in order to have them offline on our mobile phone. Yes, we will need the app to be able to see it later but the video need never of our connection until we delete. Neither data nor WiFi. Simply open the app, locate the video and hit Play. So yes, there will be videos running under airplane mode.

To perform this process only will have to navigate until you locate the video you want to download. Once we are playing, with the video open, we have a button at the bottom between “Share” and “Save”. The button has an icon with a fecla pointing down. Will only be needed soon for the video to download on the phone. As we have said before, the video will not come out of the app so we can not share it with other appsfor this we need third-party applications like the two that we now recommend.

How to download videos from Youtube with Snaptube

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We have already commented before that there are alternative ways to download Youtube videos on our mobile phone. Ways that allow, among other things, that the video is completely available to do whatever we want with it, from editing on the phone itself to share it with social networks, send it by courier and others. Keep in mind that many Youtube videos are legal restrictions that we may be infringing.

Snaptube is not in Google Play, we have to seek it in alternative repositories

Among these alternative options, maybe Snaptube is the best-positioned Android although interestingly not to be found in the apps store official operating system. Snaptube is not in Google Play, and to make us with it, we have to resort to alternative repositories. Among these, we highlight the official app. Simply click on this link and click on Download to to download the file .APK in our phone and install it.

We open Snaptube once installed, we go to the section on Youtube between all the available and we will be browsing the mobile version. Here we can see that each video has a download icon that allows us to choose between downloading the full video or only the audio. We chose the option that we wish, we tell our phone what folder we want to download the file and ready, video available.

How to download Youtube videos with Tubemate


Tubemate is another one of the apps most popular on Android to download videos from Youtube in the same way that we do with Snaptube. That is to say, for the videos to be downloaded as a multimedia file either to allow us to share it, edit it or store it to view the article with any app from our phone. The own Tubemate is also a video playerfor example, so having it installed opens up more possibilities.

Tubemate is not very aesthetic but it is also a video player

As in the case of Snaptube, Tubemate is not available in Google Play so we have to resort to alternative repositories. I recommend APKMirror for this purpose. You will only have to click in this link and download the latest version of the application (in this moment is the 3.3.3 of the march 28). Once downloaded, install like any other APK file that you have installed previously.

Again, Tubemate offers us the option of download the entire videos or only the track’s audioso that will serve both to store the videos as to make us with a collection of music offline for playback later offline. The aesthetics of the app is not very up to date but to navigate it is simple.

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How to download Youtube videos from a Android mobile

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