How to download all the data that Twitter has about you

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Social networks like Twitter are very popular among users in Spain. Like other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, it accumulates a large amount of data about the users who have an account. The good part is that we always have the possibility of downloading said data, so that we can see them all.

Having control over the data that social networks have accumulated about us is something useful. Therefore, it may be of interest to you download all the data that Twitter has accumulated of you over time. This is a process that we can follow from the app on Android or in the web version of it.

Download your Twitter data

Download Twitter data

You may have been using the social network for a long time, both on Android and on your computer, which makes it possible to a large amount of data has been accumulated over time. Knowing what that data really is that the social network has about you is a good option, in case you later want to adjust the privacy in it.

  1. Open Twitter on your phone.
  2. Click on the three vertical stripes to display the side menu.
  3. Go to Settings and privacy.
  4. Enter Account.
  5. Go to the Your Twitter data section.
  6. Enter your password and click on Confirm.
  7. Click on the blue button that says Request file.
  8. Wait for the data to be sent to you.

With these steps we are making the request or request to the social network. When we have carried out these steps, a confirmation is received that this request has been made and we will then have to wait for them to process it. Once said data is ready, we are informed by email. There is a maximum of one request per month, so if we make one, we will not be able to request this file again in 30 days.

When the download is ready, we can go to Settings once more within the Twitter app. There we meet with the option to download data, where we have a button to proceed with the download. A compressed file will then be downloaded, where we have all the data that the social network has accumulated from us.

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