How to dodge attacks without taking damage

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Table of Contents

It is a basic movement but quite important so as not to swallow rival attacks that can take us off the map. Many of the defeats (and the rival victories) come from not reacting in time to some sliding attacks or hits towards the ground, which are usually definitive for our game.


How to dodge attacks in Brawlhalla

The term in Anglo-Saxon is determined by dodge, which allows us to evade attacks with a very basic movement. In fact, it may be a movement not only to prevent it from inflicting damage on us in our fights, but also to serve to kick back in the moment less expected. You just don’t want to be aligned with the opponent’s attacks, and dodging allows you to move your hero. If his attack is going to hit, then you must dodge to enter a different area, ideally an area that allows you to follow and punish his attacks.

brawhalla dodge attacks

However, it is not a movement that we should frequent too much and abuse it. The reason is that this movement keeps the fighter frozen, without the ability to make an attack at that precise moment, so if the opponent is fast, he can attack us again. It is more advisable to anticipate the enemy by attacking first, although it is a technique that at specific moments can come in handy. If you can predict when they will use their aerial movement, a punctual dodge (staying in place and from the ground) allows you to take advantage of their recovery time to land a blow.

One situation in which you can apply this technique is when you are at the boundary of being fired from the map. To get the maximum distance from your dodge when trying to recover, that is to return to the map, dodge up and to the right or left so that you can travel the same distance as you would with a normal dodge. That is, press the jump button and then the dash button.

When you shouldn’t dodge attacks

Although it is a very useful move, there are several situations in which you must take into account some aspects so as not to resort to dodging enemy attacks. First of all, you have to know that with this technique we are not totally invincible, since if we are running underneath an enemy who is jumping with the dash, it is very likely that he will inflict harm on you.

brawlhalla dodge dash attacks

On the other hand, you should not dodge when a charged attack from the enemy comes in front of you, since it has much more travel than your elusive displacement. Also I know totally eliminates the possibility of punishing your enemy during that moment when you dodge the attack, while you will not be able to use the dash during your recovery interval.