How to do a reverse image search on Google from Android

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Table of Contents

Reverse Image Search lets you use a photo or illustration in Google and make a query based on it. Thanks to this technique, you can receive various information, such as the origin of the image, the date of capture, articles related to its content, or other similar images. On the other hand, if you are the author of a graphic file, you can use the reverse search to check which websites are using it and verify if they are doing it legally or not.

Reverse Photo Search can be used from Android in a number of ways. In this article, we show you three that take advantage of the integrated applications of your terminal.

Reverse photo search with Chrome

Chrome for Android includes reverse photo search and allows you to use it with any photo you find on the web. You just have to stand on top of the image and make a long press.

Open image options in Chrome

So, tap on Search with Google Lens.

Search with Google LensSearch with Google Lens

Automatically, Google will analyze the image and search results taking into account its content. In this way, results will appear on the web that contain the text of the illustration, if applicable, or a list of similar images.

Google Lens results from ChromeGoogle Lens results from Chrome

Reverse photo search with Google Images

If you want to use any image you have on your device to do a reverse query, you can use the desktop version of Google Images. In this case, go to Google and tap on Images.

Access Google ImagesAccess Google Images

Now, use the three dots that you will see at the top right of the screen to display the Chrome options.

Open Chrome options menuOpen Chrome options menu

Active Desktop site.

Enable desktop siteEnable desktop site

Then, click on the camera icon that you will see in the search box.

Reverse search in Chrome for AndroidReverse search in Chrome for Android

Enable the tab Search by image and use the button Choose File to upload an image.

Open file selectorOpen file selector

Choose Files to choose a file. You can also use your device’s camera.

Select image from storageSelect image from storage

Once you locate the image you want to use for the search, click on it.

Select imageSelect image

Immediately, the photo or illustration will be uploaded and Google will display the search results.

reverse photo search with Google Photos

Like Chrome, Google Photos also uses Google Lens to analyze images. This way, you can do a reverse search on any photo found in your library. Simply locate an image and open it.

Open image in Google PhotosOpen image in Google Photos

Now, click on the Google Lens icon.

Google Lens in Google PhotosGoogle Lens in Google Photos

At that point, you will be able to see the search results. These include, as in the rest of the cases, similar images, articles and related searches.

Results in Google PhotosResults in Google Photos

Google has integrated Google Lens and reverse image search into its applications. Therefore, it is no longer necessary for you to use third-party applications to consult the files that you have in your library or in the storage of your device.