How to disable new Google Chrome tab groups

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Google Chrome introduced today the new view of tabs in Spain. A new tabbed view in the form of a grid, which will allow you to have four tabs open and obtain easier control in theory. Although these types of new functions are not always liked by all users in the popular browser on Android.

The good news is that if this new tabs view in google chrome for Android you don’t like it, there is a way to disable it completely. At the moment it is an experimental function in the browser, so we will have to use the experimental functions menu to be able to deactivate it.

Disable the new Google Chrome tab view

Google Chrome disable tab view

The new tabbed view in the form of a grid can be comfortable for many users in the browser on Android. There are users for whom it facilitates multitasking, but for others it is a confusing design, which will make them use the browser worse. If this is your case, you have the ability to disable this feature in the browser, following these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your phone.
  2. Go to the URL bar.
  3. Go to chrome: // flags in said address bar.
  4. In the search engine that appears, look for “Tab grid layout”.
  5. Click on the option that comes out.
  6. Set this option to “disabled” to disable it.
  7. Restart your browser.

Once you have restarted the browser on your phone, this new view of tabs will have already disappeared. Google Chrome will once again show the tabbed view that we were used to so far, which is the one that many users prefer and with which they feel comfortable.

At the moment the only way to deactivate it is in the experimental functions of the browser, the flags. This method may be changed in the future to deactivate the new tabbed grid view, but for now you will have to use the flags menu to activate or deactivate this function in the browser on Android. This function is available in the new version of Google Chrome, available in the Play Store:

How to disable new Google Chrome tab groups 1


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