How to Delete Duplicate Photos and Videos on Android

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Table of Contents

Although the memory capacities of our phones are increasing, and storage problems have become something that has been far behind, it must be borne in mind that not everyone has a device of the most recent. This, and the amount of photos we take or videos we record to send to our friends through social networks mean that, without knowing it, we have many duplicates of the same file within the memory of our phone. We are all interested in saving space on our terminals, but these users with limited storage are more interested than anyone. One method is precisely delete those duplicate photos and videos.

How to delete repeated photos and videos with Google Photos

Google Photos offers us the possibility of eliminating all duplicate content in a simple way, although in order to use it we will need to have the photos that we have stored locally synchronized with the cloud.

To use this method we display the side menu and there we click on Free up space:

Remove duplicates in Google PhotosRemove duplicates in Google Photos

From here, the application will search our phone and in the cloud backup for duplicate images and videos that can be purged, and that’s it. The application will show us the space that we are going to win and we can decide if we want to delete the content or not:

Free up space in Google PhotosFree up space in Google Photos

How to delete repeated photos and videos with Google Files

With Google Files, the file manager of the Big G, we once again have a very simple solution at hand. Before continuing, however, it is worth adding that it comes by default on phones that have Android Stock and pre-installed on some devices, but the norm is not that it is on all. If you want to use this method and you don’t have Google Files, you can download it right here.

If you already have it, then we can see what we have to do. Open the app first and tap Clean:

Google Files main viewGoogle Files main view

There you just have to look at the section Duplicate files, where later you will have to click on Select and release X MB:

Section to clean duplicate files in Google FilesSection to clean duplicate files in Google Files

You will get to the next screen, where you can choose what content is going to be deleted. When you are clear, click on the button Remove at the bottom of the screen.