How to customize the ringtones and notifications call in WhatsApp

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How to customize the ringtones and notifications call in WhatsApp 1

It is increasingly common that we use WhatsApp to make calls with friends and family, because it has an interface that makes it easy. When someone calls us using the messaging application, the sound that is emitted, the call tone, is the same that when we make a normal call. This is something that for many can be somewhat confusing at times.

Luckily, the application gives us quite a few customization options, such as the to be able to customize or change the tones of the calls. In this way, we can do that is different from the ringtone normal phone. So we know easily if it is a normal call or on WhatsApp, especially when responding or does not suit us to distinguish between them.

Customize your ringtones on WhatsApp

How to customize the ringtones and notifications call in WhatsApp 2

When using a ringtone concrete in WhatsApp you have several options. Or choose some of the ringtones that come by default in the phone, choosing a different one for the application or use a custom ringtone, like a song or a particular sound that we want. If it is the latter option that interests you, you must have a file explorer on the phone, to be able to upload it then in the messaging app. Since we are given the option to search in the store, but no browser shows only the tones that come default on the device.

Once we have clear what option will be the that we’re going to choose, it is recommended to have this tone of call that is going to use ready on the phone. Since the application we will be asked then to choose that tone from the phone storage. The steps to customize the ringtone are the following:

  1. Opens WhatsApp.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots upper.
  3. Go in the settings of the application.
  4. Tap Notifications.
  5. Go to the section Calls.
  6. Click on the option of a Ringtone.
  7. Choose if you want to upload one from the storage or use one you have already.
  8. Select the ringtone to use.

One of the aspects of interest is that the application allows customize notifications and ringtones on chat functionality. That is to say, if you have a group chat in WhatsApp, in this section of notifications you can manage them in a way that the sound or tone they emit is different and so you know that they come from a group chat. Although we mattered in this case were of the ringtones that we have changed already.

Thanks to these steps that we followed, when we make a call on WhatsApp, the tone will be that song or sound that we have chosen. It will enable us to distinguish it easily from a common call on the phone, making it easier to go to respond or not. Since there are moments in which we do not want to consume mobile data, so it is better to reject the call.

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