How to create your own theme for a Huawei mobile with EMUI with 'Peafowl Theme Maker'

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Table of Contents

How to create your own theme for a Huawei mobile with EMUI with 'Peafowl Theme Maker'

One of the pillars of Android is the ability to customize the system, something that is particularly evident in those layers that allow you to install themes, as EMUI. Yes, find quality issues it is not easy, and it is already known that if you want something done well, you should to do it yourself. This is also applicable to themes for the mobile.

The mode official create themes for EMUI it is complicated, but luckily there’s an app that makes it easy to do, Peafowl Theme Maker. With this app, to create a custom theme to your whim and ready to apply to your Huawei mobile it is a matter of following a series of simple steps that you can perform from your own mobile.

Create a theme for EMUI in seconds

If you’re tired of testing themes for EMUI none of them exactly fits your tastes, a good alternative is to create your own theme. In this way, you can modify specific aspects of the interface, like the colorswith a couple of touches.

To do this, you just need to install Peafowl Theme Maker for EMUI, a free application you will find in Google Play, although you’ll see a good amount of ads before the end of your topic. It’s all about achieving the perfect topic. The themes created are compatible with EMUI 10.

Peafowl Theme Maker for EMUI 5.X/8.X/9.X/10.X

Peafowl Theme Maker for EMUI 5.X/8.X/9.X/10.X

First, the icons

The process to create a topic with Peafowl consists of three steps, all of them accessible from the icons at the bottom of the window. On the first tab, Home, is located the customization of the icons. The application shows you several packages of icons ready for use (some are extra), so you have to choose one as a base.


Just below you can make adjustments on the size and shape of these icons. Basically, you’ll be able to choose the difference in size between the icon itself and its form, as well as the amount of curvature you want on the edges (if you put it at the minimum, you will have square icons; if you put it to the maximum, circular).

Then, the colors

The second tab is probably the most interesting, for it determines the colors of the interface. Above all, you choose whether you want the theme to dark or light, with some configurations of colors ready to use with a touch.


If none of these color settings convinces you, by tapping on the icon of the eyedropper you can customize the color of almost all elements of the interface. Tap on any section to open the color picker.

Added and fonts

The next section is the extras and fonts. The top includes a series of modifications to ready-to-use that will add special functions to your theme. Some of them are a volume bar semi-transparent, the background color for the dock, radio buttons in the phone app, icons as MIUI for files or folders with a color more brilliant.


Below are the fonts ready to use in your theme. Unfortunately it does not show the name of the font before selecting it, so you’ll have to rely on in the preview to make your choice.

Finally, save and apply your theme

When you already have everything ready, put the name of your theme in the bottom and press the button of complete. This will generate the theme and save it, even if you are the one who must apply it. For this you will need to go to the Settings of your phone > Main screen and background screen > Themes. Go then to the tab I (below) and tap in Topics.


You will see then the issues that you’ve created with the app, with a preview that includes the icon of Peafowl. If you have created multiple topics, you can be difficult to tell them apart, although it includes the topic that you chose at creation. Tap on it, click Apply and enjoy your Huawei mobile to your taste.

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How to create your own theme for a Huawei mobile with EMUI with ‘Peafowl Theme Maker’

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How to create your own theme for a Huawei mobile with EMUI with 'Peafowl Theme Maker' 1

How to create your own theme for a Huawei mobile with EMUI with 'Peafowl Theme Maker' 2