How to create teams in the Pokémon GO

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Table of Contents

This is not only to get our team to a Pokémon at random, there are several parameters that we have to take into account. Among those factors is the type that belongs to each Pokémon, their health and even their attack charge. If conjuntamos well all those factors, we probably have a tough team to defeat, and this tool can help us if we are lost in that sense.

What is Poke Assistant?

It is a comparator Pokémon that calculates the statistics of each and every one of them, in order to bring the best team possible in the function of the first Pokémon we enter. In other words, we select a creature, its type, its health and whether it has evolved or not. Then the platform calculates the rest of information as are their IV (Individual Values), which is basically a percentage of how good are the attributes of a Pokémon. This concept will be very important throughout this guide.

These attributes are divided into three, which are health, attack, and defense. Within the Pokémon GO, we can only know statistically the health, while the other hidden, so we need this tool to know that information. In addition, Poke Assistant has the advantage that you do not need prior registration neither linking with the account of Nintendo to work, so there is less risk of Niantic to us cheating.

Strategy PvP

In the first place, each coach must train his team with three Pokémon, but each one of them has its coefficient CP (Battle Points in English). This coefficient is divided into three leagues, up to 1500 CP, 2500 CP or a league without limits. It is very important to know the level that we compete, that way the team composition will be according to that league.

The effects of the Battle Points

There are many factors to take into account about the effect of the CP of a Pokémon battle against another trainer. That number reflects a certain level, but come on liza the level of the Pokémon opponent, the type that is, the movements that you have and even if your coach knows how to manage well your computer.

pokemon go battle points

The IV (Individual Values) that we mentioned above also have a lot to say on this topic. It is important to know that the level of health, attack and defense of a creature affects their ability to fight. In fact, a Pokémon lower level with a IV-optimal is more lethal its evolution with an IV more low, for example.

pokémon go individual values

A crucial aspect that we must know when it comes to finding the perfect team is that a Pokémon should have a few more statistics that are high in health and defenseleaving aside the level of attack. This is demonstrated by both mathematical and empirically, since there is a formula for determining CP of a Pokémon, though you can also demonstrate with a practical example.

CP = (Base Atk + IV) * (Base Def + IV) ^ 0.5 * (Base Stam + IV) ^ 0.5 * Lvl (CPScalar) ^ 2/10

Clearly we see that the defense and the health have more weight in the computation of this coefficient. Therefore, in the league of 2500 CP, a Deoxys level 37 with a lot of attack, you will lose against a Blissey level 33 which has more defense and health though does not have much attack. This occurs because, if a Pokémon goes up too much the attack, it will reach very fast the limit of CP and not be able to improve much more the rest of the statistics. This is a detail that with this tool, Poke Assistant you can know first-hand.

Final recommendations of Poke Assistant

In the first place, it is best to get the maximum number of loads in movements DPE (Damage Per Energy) during the battle. It is a measure that applies only to the quick attacks, the more the BPD possesses, the faster you fill the bar of the charged attack. In the second place, we do not focus too much on the IV of the Pokémon, especially those that have a lot of attack, because as we have mentioned before, just being a Pokemon with worse stats.

pokémon go battles

On the other hand, there is a combat technique called ‘Force Swap and Counter’. Is to start with a Pokémon that force the opponent to switch their Pokémon initialleaving for the final two creatures remaining with a higher level that will compensate for the weaknesses of the first Pokémon. Within this technique, we have two approaches:

  • Maximize resistance: Is to open with a Pokémon of Steel.
  • Minimize weaknesses: Opt for the beginning with a Normal type, Electric, or Single as a Muk of Alola.

An example of a team with this strategy

To view the article in a much clearer, we are going to build a computer that follows the technique of ‘Force Swap and Counter’. To do this, we choose a Steelix, a Blastoise and a Venusaur, all belonging to the league of 2500 CP. The first two are level 40, while Venusaur down to the 34, but it is the best since it contains the TDO (Total Damage) most high, by the sum of its IV. The strategy is the following.

poke asisstant team

  • As we see in the second table, the layout of the Pokémon is motivated by the strength of Steelix against almost all the types that there are in the game, including the Psychic. This will make the opponent have to switch to a Pokémon that is effective against him, whether it is a Fire type, Ground or Flying.
  • At the time that you switch to one of those Pokémon, we can switch to Venusaur, who is strong against those three types, and receive a damage inefficient on their part. You can also opt for Blastoise, very effective against Pokémon Fire-type, leaving Steelix in last place when the adversary choose again this Pokémon is very little effective against the Rock-type.

This is one example of many. There is a countless combinations that, with a brief knowledge of the subject and a little common sense, it will not be difficult to master the construction of a championship team, even more so when we have this tool Poke Assistant that is all a source of wisdom about the Pokémon GO.