How to create private games on Android

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Table of Contents

Indeed, it is a game in which communication in discussions is everything, and playing with friends makes the games a repertoire of laughter and fun. It is true that it can be played in public games, but the coldness it transmits makes the experience not the same. Also, taking advantage of the fact that it is a game cross-play, we can invite players from PC, the other platform on which Among Us is present.

Among us
Among us

How to create private games

The best way to enjoy this game without having to suffer cuts or internet disconnections is to take advantage of the opportunity to play locally. Simply by connecting to the same Wi-Fi network, we will have a stable connection and a much lower latency, but if that is not possible, we will create an online server. To do this, you have to follow a few steps:

  1. First, with the game already open, we access the menu of “Online”.
  2. To be a host and create the section, click on the first option of “Host”.create private game among us
  3. Another menu will appear with the game options, such as the number of participants, the impostors, the setting and the language of the chat.
  4. We confirm and we have the room created, with a three letter code (located at the bottom of the screen), which we can share with our friends so that they can enter the server, both from Android, iOS or PC.create custom private game among us
  5. Fulfilling the minimum of 4 players, we can start the game. Although before that, there is a computer in the room which we can access to customize the avatar and configure the game. That is, the countdown of the meetings, the emergency button recharge or to kill and even the speed of the player.

How to play with PC friends in Among Us

Well, we already know how to create private games in a simple way, now it’s time to discover the ways we have to play with PC friends and take advantage of the cross-play. Obviously we can do it through the previous method, simply by sharing the code and they enter the room. However, there are two other ways to take advantage of this gameplay.

One of them is installing the BlueStack program on our PC. The good thing about playing from BlueStacks is that you can use the PC keyboard to type, you can do streaming your game more easily or simply speak on Discord in a more comfortable way than from the mobile.

steam link

Another alternative is to use Steam Remote Play Together, a function that allows you to share multiplayer games from a PC and from remotely with other devices, including Android phones. One player installs and runs the game, while the rest take advantage of the connection with that device to play, thanks to the Steam Link app.

Steam Link
Steam Link