How to create playlists collaborative YouTube Music

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YouTube Music is the application that will replace Google Play Music in Spain, in fact, it can easily move all the music. Moreover, it is an application that is kept up to date steadily, introducing all kinds of improvements. One of the new features that have been introduced in the application are the playlists collaborative.

These playlists collaborative is inspired partially in the working group sessions of Spotify. Although in this case, YouTube Music leaves us to share a playlist with other users, you will be able to add songs in this list. We can see who added each song in the same.

Create playlists collaborative YouTube Music

This new feature is going to allow that share playlists with your friends and that each one can add songs. In addition, each one will be able to access the same from your account in the application. The way to create this type of playlist does not change too much with respect to the way you create a normal. The steps to follow are:

  1. Open YouTube Music on your phone.
  2. Enters the Library.
  3. Tap Lists.
  4. Tap the option to Create a new list.
  5. Giving it a name.
  6. Select the list type (private, public..).
  7. In the section of Share enter who you want to share such a list.
  8. Add songs to the list.
  9. Click on Finish to create the list definitely.

The people you have given permission to collaborate on this playlist will be able to add songs in the same. When you enter in such a list, you’ll be able to see who has added new songs, so that you will know at all times who is responsible for adding certain songs in the same. In addition, you’ll also see the suggestions the own YouTube Music is going to show you, with your new role.

These playlists collaborative is presented as an interesting feature. You can create lists with your friends, for you to use on your travels, on vacation, at work or listening at home with the people with whom you share the floor. To use it you only need the latest version of YouTube Music, which you can download in the Play Store, from this link:

How to create playlists collaborative YouTube Music 1


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