How to create notifications with the selection of a text in Android

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Both the appearance and usefulness of notifications have advanced over the years. Improvements have been included such as their display on the lock screen, integrated quick responses, the ability to dismiss them with a single gesture, etc. This time we talk about a more customizable tool.

Selection - Send selected text to notifications
Selection - Send selected text to notifications

Selection, the app to create notifications from a text

The simple thing is to think that what we are going to do is create a reminder, write something and pin it to the notification panel. It is something that the vast majority of users already know how to do and that does not understand much difficulty, apart from the fact that there are much more popular apps for this task. It is true that you can also do it Selection, the app that we are going to use for this tutorial, but also, it has a function that many do not have that it can do.

create selection notifications

Selection is an app that allows us to select (worth the redundancy) a specific text whose size will be the one we want to give it. It is capable of selecting texts from a web page, from a document and even from a screenshot. So far everything is still normal, it does not surprise at all what we have already discovered this time ago in other applications of the style.

The essential difference comes when the app is able to share said selected text and enable it in the same notification panel. Any text can be copied and selected for the Selection app, be it a WhatsApp or Instagram message, something we see on a web page, or as we have said before, in a screenshot. There are applications that in no way allow you to select text, such as the bank’s apps. For those cases, Selection allows you to manually enter the content of the notification and send it quickly to the panel.

It should be said, as a negative point, that the app does not have unlimited free use in the generation of notifications. In this way, we have a free plan in which we can create 15 selections. That is, 15 notifications per month are those that can be generated for free. However, if we want unrestricted use, only cost $ 0.99 to enjoy the payment plan, a ridiculous figure. Of course, it is not easy to find it in the Play Store because of its generic name, so we recommend you access it from the link above.

How to select a text and create a notification

Although the app bothers to explain how to do it step by step, it is as simple as the content of the interface itself. All you have to do is select a text, as if we were going to copy it to another site. With that gesture that we have so well assimilated, Selection adds to that pop up that appears after selecting words an option called ‘Put in NC ‘. This kind of acronym refers to placing that text in the notification center, in other words, on the panel.

create notifications select text

Therefore, all we have to do is choose any text, be it a message or web content, by holding down on a word. It is automatically selected, adding two tabs with which we can adjust the size of said selection. Once finished, this pop up appears with several options such as ‘Cut,’ Copy or ‘Paste’. Also just right there are three vertical points, that if we press them, other options are shown. At the very bottom of that little menu is the ‘Put in NC’ option.

selection notifications

Just when you press it, that same text is quickly added to the top panel as a notification. That reminder remains anchored to the panel, without the possibility of eliminating it by sliding to the left or right. It can only be achieved by pressing the ‘Dismiss’ when it is already eliminated. There’s not much else you can do, like customizing it or setting a deadline, but it’s a very convenient and instant feature.