How to create folders on Android

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In Android there are several ways to create folders. Thanks to the directories, you can keep a device much more organized, classifying applications and ordering your files. In this article we explain all possible ways to create folders on Android.

Create folders on the home screen

First of all, we tell you how to create folders on the home screen. All you have to do is make a long press on the icon of an application.

Drag home screen iconDrag home screen icon

Without lifting your finger, drag the icon onto another icon.

Create new folder on home screenCreate new folder on home screen

Next, you will see how a new folder is created. At this point, lift your finger from the screen. To assign it a name, you just have to open it and click on the lower text.

Rename the folderRename the folder

Afterwards, it is possible to locate the folder in the area that suits you best on the home screen.

Create folders in the applications menu

To create folders in the app drawer you need a compatible launcher. Only some native launchers, such as Samsung’s, allow you to organize applications in folders. In our case, we have used one of the most popular third-party launchers, Nova Launcher.

After downloading and installing it, open the application menu and long press on any icon. So, tap on Edit.

Edit application in Nova LauncherEdit application in Nova Launcher

Tap on New group.

Create new groupCreate new group

Specify a name for your folder, select Folder in the lower drop-down and tap on Add.

Add new folderAdd new folder

Once the folder is created, open its options menu to add more applications.

Add more apps to a folderAdd more apps to a folder

Keep in mind that this function is only enabled in the Prime version of Nova Launcher, which you must purchase in the application store.

Create folders on internal storage

Leaving aside the organization of your terminal applications, you also have the possibility of creating folders in the internal storage of your device. It’s very easy if you use Android’s native file explorer. Simply navigate to the directory where you want to create the folder, open the three-dot menu and tap on New folder.

Add new folder with Android explorerAdd new folder with Android explorer

Give your folder a name and confirm with Okay.

Name the folderName the folder

Now, you have a new folder to store your favorite files.

Create folders on Android using apps

The above process can also be done with external applications. We tell you how to do it with three of them.

Google Files

Your device may use this application as an alternative to the native browser. After reaching the desired directory, open the three-dot menu and tap on Add new folder.

New folder in Google FilesNew folder in Google Files

Specify a name and tap Create folder to confirm.

Name the new folder in Google FilesName the new folder in Google Files

Your new folder will have been created and will be visible from any file browser.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is one of the best alternative file explorers for Android. It has a button that allows you to add items to a directory, represented by the plus symbol. Tap on it to create a new folder.

Add item in Solid ExplorerAdd item in Solid Explorer

Select option New folder.

Create new folderCreate new folder

After specifying the name, your new directory will have been created.

ES File Explorer

To finish, we show you the process in ES File Explorer. Go to the folder where you want to add the new directory and open the menu of the three dots. Then tap on New.

New item in ES File ExplorerNew item in ES File Explorer

Choose Folder in the popup dialog.

Add new folder in ES File ExplorerAdd new folder in ES File Explorer

By writing the name and confirming, you will have created a new folder to store any type of file.