How to counterattack the Mega knight in Clash Royale

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Table of Contents

Not only in the field of creating a deck that suits us if we have to play against that card, we are also going to show how to play ours in the game and where it is better to position them, since that will also define whether the Mega Knight makes us more or less damage.

Clash Royale

Who is the Mega Knight

It is one of the best Clash Royale cards, being one of the star tanks of the game. In fact, it is a legendary card It combines several of the best features that make up other Clash Royale fighters. However, it must always be accompanied by another card, since it should not be the main card in the deck.

mega cabler surround

In other words, it has better health than the Hound, his generation and jump damage is more powerful than that of the Electric Wizard, he has the damage splash of the Dark Prince and can even jump from target to target like the Bandit. Of course, it is a fairly slow character to move, almost like a Giant Skeleton, so its area of ​​action will always be close to the enemy towers. A pretty succulent card considering that it costs 7 units of elixir.

How to counter the Mega Knight

It is a joy to have this great warrior in our deck, since it has many possibilities and does not cost as much to generate as other cards. On the contrary, it can be a headache. Therefore, to counteract it in case we have it as a rival, we can use various combinations in the deck that can do a lot of damage.

counter mega knight

That deck would be made up of Mini PEKKA, PEKKA, Inferno Tower or Infernal Dragon. In addition to these cards, we can complete the deck with Barbarians or Guards, to surround the Mega Knight and spam a bit with those troops. On the other hand, we can place in the middle of the map a card like the Knight or Valkyria, or you can also use an Ice Golem, a Giant or a Noble Giant as bait. Definitely, we want tanks in order to fight the Mega Knight.

golem mega knight jump

One of the details that must always be taken into account is prevent it from jumping, so that it does not surprise our tower and leave us with no margin to fight back. To do this, we must place a letter in a intermediate range, that is, not too far for him to jump nor too close for him to walk slowly. On the other hand, in addition to placing a tank as bait and then surrounding it, we must have air attack that allows us to weaken or immobilize it. In that case, a Fireball could well come to us.