How to cook recipes and create dishes

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Table of Contents

Even Alberto Chicote could not store the amount of dishes that can be created, in addition to having multiple palliative functions for our heroes.

Genshin Impact

How to cook recipes in Genshin Impact

The kitchen is an important point within the gaming experience of Genshin Impact. However, it is a very simple and very simplified process, so that it does not become heavy and expensive to perform. You only need to have ingredients and a bonfire nearby of you. You can find a lot of campfires or bonfires around the open world, with casseroles in which to prepare your meals.

Of course, sometimes we find bonfires that are off, which consequently are unable to create recipes. For this, it can only be turned on with a character that has Pyro, as well as the possibility of turning them off when we have used them with Hydro or Anemo.

Once you have learned a recipe for a dish, you can start cooking it, as long as you have the necessary ingredients, of course. The food is obtained in multiple ways, the most basic of them is simply picking them up when you travel the world, although you can also buy ingredients in the cities.

Process ingredients

At the time of prepare a dish manually you will have to overcome a small minigame; This consists of a cooking arrow that moves along a bar. To cook the dish correctly you must stop arrow at the right time, if possible within the highlighted section with the most intense orange color. Depending on whether we leave the arrow in the most optimal area possible, the food will come out with a higher or lower quality, obtaining a certain quality of nutrients.

cook genshin impact recipes

exist different qualities for a cooked dish and each one of them will directly affect the final result and the benefits of that dish as follows:

  • Completed: happens if you stop the arrow on the gray strip, it gives the least possible effect to the food.
  • Success: occurs if the arrow stops in the yellow band, it gives an average effect to the food.
  • Perfect: happens if you stop the arrow in the smallest orange strip, it offers the maximum beneficial effect to the food.

Culinary mastery

All dishes for cooking recipes in Genshin Impact must have a certain number of repetitions to be able to achieve what is called culinary mastery. In other words, it is the number of times you must cook a food perfectly in order to skip the minigame and unlock the auto cook option.

cook genshin impact bonfire

1-star recipes have a gray background and require 5 culinary masters; those with 2 stars have a green background and 10 culinary master’s degrees; those with 3 stars have a blue background and 15 culinary master’s degrees; 4 stars have purple background and 20 culinary masteries; and those with 5 stars have an orange background and 25 culinary masters.

List of ingredients for cooking

Obviously to make all the recipes, it is better to have a prior knowledge of the ingredients that Genshin Impact has. These are the main ingredients that we can process in the game.

  • Bacon: Raw Processed Meat + Salt. 2x raw meat and 2x salt per bacon. 15 minutes to process. It is used in the recipes of Tray of cold cuts and Blessed Symphony.
  • Butter: Processed Milk. 2x Milk for Butter. 5 minutes to process. Used in stir fry Matsutake recipe
  • Cheese: Processed Milk. 3x Milk for Cheese. 10 minutes to process. Used in recipes for Pile ‘Em Up, Once upon a Time in Mondstadt, Mushroom Pizza and invigorating pizza
  • Crab roe: Processed crab. 4 crabs per crab roe. 20 minutes to process.
  • Cream: Processed Milk. 1x Milk for Cream. 3 minutes to process. Used in recipes for Cream stew and spicy stew.
  • Flour: Processed Wheat. 1x wheat per flour. 1 minute to process. A staple of too many recipes to list.
  • Ham: Prepared Raw Meat + Salt. 2x raw meat and 1x salt per ham. 5 minutes to process. It is used in recipes for Adaptus’ Temptation, Deli Tray, Blessed Symphony, and Jade Pack.
  • Marmalade: Sunsettia Processed, Berry + Sugar. 3x Sunsettia, 2x Berry and 1x Sugar for jam. 10 minutes to process. Used in recipes for Mondstadt Hash Brown, Puppy-Paw Hash Brown.
  • Sausage: Raw processed meat. 3x Raw meat per sausage. 20 minutes to process. It is used in the recipes of Tray of cold cuts and Blessed Symphony.
  • Smoked Poultry: Processed Poultry + Salt. 3 birds and 1 salt per smoked bird. 5 minutes to process. Used in the recipe for smoked northern chicken.
  • Sugar: Processed Sweet Flower. 2x Sweet Flower for Sugar. It is used in the jam processing process and in recipes for bird egg and lotus seed soup, squirrel fish, and honey bar roast.