How to connect a USB keyboard to your Android

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Table of Contents

Android and keyboard

With time, the smartphones and tablets have ended up becoming replacements for traditional computers in some aspects, while it is true that you can’t compete at all. When it comes to carry a mobile office with autonomy to withstand the demands of the most frantic have few rivals. Now, there is something that, as much as the terminals move, never going to be able to offer to the users: the comfort of a keyboard, whole and true to type. However, did you know that it is possible to use a USB keyboard on your Android? And in addition it is very easy to get it to work. Keep reading if you have curiosity.

Connect a USB keyboard to the mobile

To do this you will need two things:

  • An OTG cable (that you can buy in any store specializing in consumer electronics) or a USB adapter type A female to USB type C male.
  • To enable the keyboard from settings.

If you don’t know what a OTG cable, suffice it to say that it is an accessory that allows you to connect virtually any USB device to your Android terminal. Similarly, you could use a small adapter to achieve the same thing, make compatible these two connections.


Now, not all devices are compatible with OTG, but you can check if yours is using a app call OTG Checker. It is as simple as install and run it, and will now appear on the screen if your device is supported or not.





Also keep in mind that you must buy a USB-OTG adapter or depending on the connector of your phone; it will depend of if you are still using micro-USB or if you already use the USB-C. once we have taken that problem out of the way, do the following:

  • Connect the OTG cable or adapter to your Android.
  • Connect the USB keyboard to the OTG cable or adapter.

Once this is done, in the notification area, a message will appear informing you that a physical keyboard has been connected and is ready for use.

And with this we just have already would be enough, but if you also want to set up the keyboard to change the language or other details, you will have to go to the path Settings > System > Language and text input > hardware Keyboard.