How to configure the shutdown time of the screen of Android

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Table of Contents

Few things are more annoying to be reading something and the screen turns off because you wear a while without touching it. It is very good that Android has ways to manage the battery consumption that makes our terminal, but it can be very cumbersome to have to be touching the screen every certain amount of time (or, worse still, having to unlock the phone each time it is turned off). In this article we’ll see how to increase shutdown time of the screen in Android, and we will explore two methods: natively and through the developer options. You’ll see that the two procedures are very simple, although you have to know where to go. We enter in the field right now.

To change the time of screen off in Android

This would be the native form of doing so and is very simple. First we go to the phone settings and enter in the section Screen:

Settings screen in AndroidSettings screen in Android

There we look for the option Waiting time of the screen and click on it:

Change the screen timeout in AndroidChange the screen timeout in Android

To do that click on the temporary measure that best fits what we need and ready. The default value will be changed, and no longer to experience short wait times.

Developer options to keep the screen off

With this method we will avoid that the display will turn off when the phone is charging, so that you have that have enabled this menu does not appear in the default settings.

To do this we will need to go to the phone info screen (About the phone or similar, varies depending on the manufacturer) and press on the build number repeatedly until it is displayed on the screen a message similar to Congratulations, you are already a developer!. Now we will have to do scroll to the bottom, in the phone settings to find the developer options:

Location of developer optionsLocation of developer options

Click on them and seek to Screen always on when charging in them. Depending on the manufacturer will be higher up in the options or below:

Settings for keeping the screen on during chargingSettings for keeping the screen on during charging

If you click on the slider, we will prevent the screen to turn off when we are loading the terminal.