How to configure the fingerprint lock of an Android mobile

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Table of Contents

We are storing more and more valuable information on our mobile devices. Therefore, it is necessary to have authentication systems that prevent other people from accessing our data. In recent years, manufacturers have seen biometric security methods as the ultimate solution to this problem. If you want to protect your terminal, we recommend that you activate, at a minimum, fingerprint unlocking. In this article, we show you all the steps you must take to do it easily.

First of all, ask yourself: does my device have a fingerprint sensor?

Before setting fingerprint recognition as an unlocking method on your device, you must ensure that you have the necessary hardware. It is true that today the fingerprint sensor is being incorporated in most terminals, even in those that are in the low range. However, it is possible that some specific models do not have the necessary component.

In the market you can find two types of finger sensors. One is located in the back or front, but off the screen. These are usually circular in shape and create a small cavity in the body of the phone. It may also be located on the side power button. On the other hand, some models incorporate it under the screen. In that case, it is more difficult to check where it is located. Check the manufacturer’s manual to verify. Do not forget that, although it is very common to have a fingerprint reader in mobile phones, Android tablets do not usually incorporate this type of hardware. In that case, it will be impossible for you to use your fingerprint to unlock the device.

How to set up the fingerprint sensor on your Android phone

If, fortunately, you have a fingerprint sensor in your terminal, go to the Android settings and locate the option Security. Click on it to access.

Security options in the Android settings appSecurity options in the Android settings app

So, tap on Fingerprint.

Add fingerprintAdd fingerprint

Choose an alternate unlocking method. This is important in the event that the fingerprint sensor fails. Choose to enter a pattern, PIN, or password.

Select alternative security methodSelect alternative security method

In our case, we have opted for the pattern. Draw whatever combination you prefer, but make sure it is easy to remember.

Entering pattern for the first timeEntering pattern for the first time

Repeat the pattern and tap on Confirmed.

6 Confirming the pattern6 Confirming the pattern

Specify if you want the content of notifications to be displayed when the device is locked. Then click Donate to continue.

Notification options with the phone locked the patternNotification options with the phone locked the pattern

Uses Next to add your footprint.

8 Start fingerprint sensor setup8 Start fingerprint sensor setup

Place your finger intermittently on the fingerprint sensor. Do this until the blue circle is complete.

Register fingerprintRegister fingerprint

Tap on Add another to add an additional footprint. If you don’t want to, tap on Donate to go out.

add an additional footprintadd an additional footprint

From now on, every time you place your finger on the fingerprint sensor, the phone will automatically unlock. If, for some reason, you cannot use your finger, enter the pattern you created previously.