How to change the Instagram icon on an Android mobile

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How to change the Instagram icon on an Android mobile

Instagram is celebrating its anniversary. It was launched ten years ago and, to celebrate, has announced a series of novelties among which one particularly nostalgic stands out: the possibility of change app icon by the old and various variants.

If you want to give your Instagram a different touch, with the latest version of Instagram you can use various icons of the pastas well as variants of the current icon in other color combinations. Changing the Instagram icon on Android is now very easy and does not require using an icon pack special.

How to change the Instagram icon

Instagram is activating a personalization novelty for its users on the occasion of its tenth anniversary: ​​the possibility of modifying the application icon. That is, instead of using the current icon, you have twelve icons to choose from that you can use on your home screen instead.

Perhaps the most curious thing about it is the way to activate it, as it is more or less hidden. First, you must open your profile (by tapping on your profile photo in the bottom bar) and then tapping on the menu button ☰. Finally, enter Setting.


Now for the interesting part. If you already have this new feature active on Instagram, you should slide down until some emojis are displayed at the top. When all have been displayed, confetti is displayed on the screen and it switches to the application icon settings.


Now comes the easy part (or difficult, if you are a little indecisive): choose which icon you want to put on Instagram. At the moment there are twelve icons, including classic icons – some of which never saw the light – to variants of the current icon with different colors. Tap an icon to add a shortcut to the home screen with said icon.


Keep in mind that this option adds the icon you choose to the home screen and, when opened, Instagram will start, but the standard icon will still be displayed in the app drawer and in the system menus. If at any point you change your mind, you can always delete that shortcut and add a new one. In summary, these are the steps to change the Instagram icon:

  • Enter your profile by tapping on your photo in the bottom bar

  • Tap on the menu button ☰

  • Press Setting

  • Swipe the screen down until emojis are displayed

  • Choose the icon you want to use and tap on it

  • Press Add

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How to change the Instagram icon on an Android mobile

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