How to change the icons, step by step

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Table of Contents

And it is that this third-party launcher offers us so many options that it allows us to customize even the smallest detail, including the design of the icons. In the traditional way, native operating systems only offer a couple of styles or three at most.

Nova Launcher

How to change Nova Launcher icons

First of all, we must download an icon pack, the one we like the most. Almost all the ones that we find in the Play Store work only with Nova Launcher, since they are not compatible with native software. Once installed, we go to the Nova Launcher app to carry out the following steps:

  1. In the app, we go to the App settings, located at the top of the box Of applications.change icons nova launcher settings
  2. In that menu, we select “Appearance”. change icons nova launcher menu
  3. Then, in “Icon styles” We will see the downloaded icon packs, selecting one of them.change icons nova launcher icon pack
  4. We apply the package and automatically the appearance of the icons change.

Likewise, if we have an icon pack already installed, there are several of them that save some style variants for the application logos. If we want change the design of a specific oneWe can do it through Nova Launcher in a very simple way. We locate ourselves in the app that we want to change and make a long press about the icon. There the option will appear “Edit”, where we will be able to change both the icon label and the design of only that application.

change individual nova launcher icons

Additional options in Nova Launcher

The question that remains is, can further adjustments be made to the custom icons? Well yes, specifically the shape of the figures surrounding the icon. A new feature in Nova Launcher called “Adaptive Icons”, allows you to modify the shape in up to 5 styles: round, square, rounded square, teardrop and square circle. These options are located in the same menu as the one to change the icon pack, although it is easily seen.

change icons nova launcher shapes

After all the forms, we have one more section called “Personalized”, where we can also configure the font, that is, the letters that appear below the icon with the name of the application. We usually have four styles, as well as the ability to change the color or size with an adjustable bar.