How to capture Mew in special investigations of Pokémon GO

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Table of Contents

This Psychic-type Pokémon it is not so easy to get in raids normal or field investigations by the special investigations will be the way to get this pet and increase our Pokédex.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO

To capture Mew, step-by-step

As we already know, the special investigations are divided into several chapters, in which you get rewards different. In this case, the name of this research, is ‘A discovery unique’, making reference to the encounter with Mew.

Phase 1

In the first place, we must give a 5 turn 5 fotodiscos in any Poképarada that we have close to home. Then, we caught 10 Pokémon, the first that we come to the step, for later transfer 5.

capture mew phase 1

Finally, the reward in this phase will be of 10 Super Ball, 1 incubator and 3 modules, bait, in addition to 1500 points of experience in total.

Phase 2

The next thing to do is to get 2 candy with our fellow Pokémon. We can take advantage of to go to score big releases in the capture of 10 other creatures more. Finally, we’ll hatch 3 eggs. The reward to collect will be 2000 powder star, 3 incense, 20 Super Ball and 3000 experience points.

Phase 3

For progress on this phase, it is necessary to have the level 15. If you already what we had previously, we proceed to fight in 2 gyms and participate in 2 raids, all in the order you want to follow each player. With this, we will get 1MT loaded, 1 MT fast, 2 Pieces of star and 4500 points in experience.

Phase 4

You need yes or yes a silver medal of the Kanto region, otherwise we can not move forward in the investigation. When we have succeeded, to evolve to 20 Pokémon, regardless of level or type. While doing this task, we can get 5 candies while we walk, also needed to advance phase. This is not reported 4000 powders, stellar, 3 modules, bait, 30 Super Ball and 6000 experience points.

Phase 5

Without a doubt, the most complicated stage. At the beginning of this phase, it is essential to get hold of a Ditto, in the case that you do not have it. It’s not going to be easy, because with its motion Processing, copying the movements and statistics of almost any Pokémon, so that it camouflages itself very easily.

capture mew phase 5

That said, when we have succeeded, we have to hit 20 large movements in catch Pokémon, then proceed with the capture 10 Pokémon type Ghost. This will give us a reward 1 Pass to raid premium, 1 Lucky egg, 15 Relive and 7500 experience points.

Phase 6

Before continuing with the tasks in this phase, it is advisable to get the level 25 in the game, which is the most important step in the case of not yet have reached. In addition, there is that evolve Magikarp and participate in 10 raids.

capture mew phase 6

With this, the reward will be 6000 powders, stellar, 5 rare candies, 3 incense and 9000 experience points.

Last phase: The encounter with Mew

Belonging to the phases 7 and 8 of the research, this last step to catch Mew poses an imminent encounter with the Psychic-type Pokémon, though before that, we must capture 50 Pokémon using a berry for each one of them. Second, you must make a release excellent with a curve ball to one of the Pokemon we capture, to finally end up with a gold medal of the Kanto region. This will give us reward, in addition to 20 Ultra Balls, 8000 powders stellar and 10500 experience points, the desired encounter with Mew.

capture mew meeting

You have to be very careful when you try to catch it, as it appears invisible on the screen. Obviously there is a slight silhouette so that we can launch the Poké Ball with a certain atino. It is not possible to launch another ball or even throw berries while there is the risk that the Pokémon to escape. Finally, with two or three Poké Balls, we get to catch Mew, with an additional reward of 10000 powders, stellar, 1 super incubator and 20 candy Mew.