How to call with hidden number in Android

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Table of Contents

Received call from a hidden number

There are times that we don’t want the person you are calling by phone to be able to stay with our number. You think that if we call in the normal way to someone who doesn’t have our number you can use it for to get back in touch with us, add us to your messaging application and even find us on social networks (whether we want to or not). Reasons for hide the phone number there are many, many, many almost as users. And lucky for us, Android offers two simple ways to obfuscate our identity when making phone calls. And best of all: you can do it from the operating system itself, without the need of installing anything. We’re going there.

How to hide the number of phone calls

The option to hide phone number on Android can vary from one device to another, depending on the manufacturer and the personalization layer that you use. That being said, to hide the phone number in your Android opens up in the first place app from your phone, tap the menu button and go to Settings:

Phone app on AndroidPhone app on Android

When you’re there click on Additional services:

Call settingsCall settings

Then click on Show caller ID:

Call services additionalCall services additional

Press next in Hide number and it will be ready:

Hide number on AndroidHide number on Android

You must keep in mind that using this option to conceal your telephone number for any call you make. What if I just want to do it for certain stakeholders? Continue reading.

How to hide the phone number on specific calls

To hide your number on specific calls to certain numbers you have to enter a code when making a call. This code varies depending on the country, but in Spain is the following:


Where XXXXXXXXX is the number with which you want to put in contact. In this way your number will only be hidden from the phone you are calling at that time, but not for the rest of the calls that you make.