How to calibrate battery on an Android phone

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How to calibrate battery on an Android phone

One of the elements of the phones more headaches it gives to the users is, without doubt, the battery. Aware of the importance of a good autonomymanufacturers are increasing the capacity of the batteries, at the same time that they introduce solutions to optimize energy consumption. We, for our part, we have already explained on other occasions how to lead a control of the charging cycles, how to upload it to to prolong their useful life and even how to save energy configuring the apps in standby.

And that is the importance of the battery in a mobile phone isn’t only because it can be exhausting at the most inopportune time, but because, unlike other components, is degraded with the passage of time. Po of that, today we are going to explain to you a process that it is useful to repeat every two or three months: calibrate the battery from your Android mobile.

Why we need to calibrate the battery regularly

Battery 2

The percentage of loading of a mobile it is calculated on the basis of a series of algorithms the system runs and which are based on the capacity of the battery, the time that we have been charging, and the maximum load, which is reached after a period of time. If any of them fail, we may find ourselves with a deviation in the calculations and, therefore, have before us a battery descalibrada to show us a percentage wrong.

Therefore, to keep the battery calibrated it is beneficial to double: on the one hand, it is good for us because we will be able to see a percentage of load reliable and we are not to turn off the phone suddenly, and on the other, is healthy for the battery itself, because it will help us to maintain an optimal level of load (between 40% and 80%).

In the app stores, it is possible to find different alternatives that promise a battery calibration, but our recommendation is that you do not trust thembut for you to carry out the calibration process yourselves. As we will see, it is a very simple process it is advisable to repeat every two or three months.

How to calibrate battery on an Android phone


Unlike Apple, which does set a calibration procedure specific to the iPhone, the other manufacturers of Android usually does not specify standards to calibrate the battery of your mobile. Here, we will propose a general method that you can apply with any device regardless of your brand:

  1. Charge the battery of the mobile phone completely: connect it to the charger and wait until the indicator of the battery charge to 100%, but do not turn off immediately when it reaches 100%, leave it a little bit more to make sure that the descalibración does not affect the upper limit of the load.

  2. Discharge the battery fully: once you have loaded the most, either using the phone normally or intensively, download your battery completely until the phone turns off alone. Applications, games or multimedia content demanding will help you to consume more fast energy.

  3. Leave to stand for the mobile at least 4 hours: the battery may have an excess residual charge that causes the miscalibrated, so that, during these hours of rest, the residual energy should be released by the battery itself.

  4. Reloads the mobile: vna after it has completely downloaded and you’ve waited 4 hours as a minimum, re-charge the mobile phone until it reaches 100% charge and is expected back a while longer to make sure completely charged before unplugging it.

  5. Turn on the phone again and re-use it normally: if you have completed the process, it should already be calibrated correctly so that you can use it without problems for two or three months.

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How to calibrate battery on an Android phone

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How to calibrate battery on an Android phone 2