How to be a streamer of video games using Facebook Gaming

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Facebook Gaming is already a realityan application with the social network looking for face-planting on platforms such as Twitch. In this application users will be able to play a selection of games, or follow a series of streamers of games that made the live broadcasts. In addition to being possible to become a streamer also, within this new platform.

Any user who want to will be able to be streamer of video games in Facebook Gaming. The application makes it possible, so I’m sure many see this as a good opportunity. How is it possible to get this in your account in the app?

How to be streamer in Facebook Gaming

How to be a streamer of video games using Facebook Gaming 1

Facebook Gaming search to facilitate that the users will be able to be streamersso that will be able to perform live broadcasts of those games you play and dominate. If the world of the streamers I was interested in, this platform gives you the tools necessary to be able to do it, since whenever you want you’re going to be able to transmit live from your account on the application.

Because that is a very recent, there are users who have reported problems at the time of transmitting in directbecause the video worked fine, but the audio was giving problems in some cases, or directly did not work. This is something to keep in mind when you go to start transmitting, which could be a problem with the video or the audio. To be able to make a live transmission, the steps are:

  1. Opens Facebook Gaming on your Android phone.
  2. Sign in with your account Facebook.
  3. Tap the icon of the camera to transmit live or tap on your profile photo and tap on the icon to Convey.
  4. Choose the game that you want to do live streams or add the game yourself. (You may need to give first permission to the app).
  5. It starts to retransmit.

How to be a streamer of video games using Facebook Gaming 2

Level interface does not have too many problems. Facebook Gaming has a simple interface and easy to use, so you’ll be able to move in the application, either to play, to explore content or to create your own broadcasts, of a fairly simple way at all times. Of course, at the time of performing a direct transmission it is better to have the WiFi activated on the phone, to avoid to consume your data rate.

A platform to compete with Twitch

How to be a streamer of video games using Facebook Gaming 3

In the application there is a section where you can see all the streamers and retransmissions there is live, so that you are always aware of the options available, in addition to being able to see how other streamers you have in Facebook Gaming. In this sense, the application seeks to compete with platforms like Twitch, where there are thousands of streamers doing live broadcasts while they play.

It gives the possibility of participate in a live online chat on retransmissions that there are in the application, can leave comments, emoji or to share the relay with friends, if you also want the go to be able to see. If there is a streamer that you are interested in, there is the possibility of follow them, since along each streamer is the button continue and then you will get their updates in your feed at the start of the application, so you don’t miss never the news from that profile or account.

How to monetize the account

How to be a streamer of video games using Facebook Gaming 4

For many users, be streamer in Facebook Gaming it presents itself as an opportunity to earn moneyalthough you have to meet a series of requirements for this to be possible, but you can see that it follows a formula similar to that of Twitch, with which to monetize these channels or pages.

In this case, use the stars to monetize the bills. Users can send stars to the streamers that they like and wanting to show their support. In function of the number of stars received, you get an amount of money. When a viewer sends a star to the streamer, it receives $ 0.01 per star. Users will be able to buy stars, in various packs of between 1.30 and 186 euros of price (prices change between the versions, mobile and PC). Additionally, for a streamer to be able to monetize your account in Facebook Gaming, you must meet these requirements:

  • Have a page of video game creator (or transform an existing account into an account of a creator).
  • Broadcast live at least 2 days during the last 14 days.
  • Broadcast live a minimum of 4 hours in the last 14 days.
  • Have at least 100 followers.
  • Relay from a country that is in the program Level Up.
  • Meet the community standards and the policies of monetization of the platform.

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