How to backup in Nova Launcher

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Table of Contents

Today, we usually save everything we do in our terminal. Gone are the transfers of data to the computer or simply the neglect of saving them. Now, everything goes through a backup, either in the internal memory or in the cloud. From photos, applications, music and documents … to a backup in Nova Launcher.

In case of changing mobile or because we have regretted leaving Nova Launcher and want to reinstall it, it will not be necessary to configure it again and again. With this function, it will not be necessary to make that configuration since we are going to save it in a backup copy.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher

How to backup in Nova Luancher

We are going to save the launcher settings, since it is very customizable and with many options to modify the app launcher, both functional and design. To make the backup in Nova Launcher only a few steps are necessary, we will manage to secure all the settings to restore them whenever they are necessary.

  1. We open the Nova settings.
  2. Then, going down the menu a bit we see the option «Backup and import settings ».backup nova launcher menu settings
  3. Click on «Backup » .
  4. We put a name on the backup or a date.backup nova launcher
  5. He will probably ask us for storage permissions, we obviously give them to him.
  6. If we click on “Restore or manage backups”, the drop-down menu will open.backup nova launcher backup
  7. From that menu, we can choose if we want share data to internal storage or to the cloud. Or, select the backup and click on “Send”.
  8. Click on «To accept”.

One detail to keep in mind is that when you reinstall the launcher or change your mobile, Nova Launcher will not save the widgets that we have established. It does save the position, but we’ll have to put the widget back where it was.

Make a backup in other launchers like Action Launcher

It really is not an exclusive function of Nova Launcher, but it can be performed in more third-party launchers such as Action Launcher, another of the most popular on Google Play. Also, the ease of doing it is almost as simple as its namesake in third-party launchers. This is how you do it:

  1. We open Action Settings.
  2. Click on «Backup and import » .backup action launcher settings
  3. Next, we access «Backup » .
  4. We select in “Restore” to back up your launcher to the cloud.backup action launcher menu
  5. We name the backup again.
  6. We select «Save” .
  7. This will open the file explorer. From there, we will be able to access the section to upload files to the cloud, which will normally be Google Drive. For this, we have the three line menu icon in the top left-hand corner.backup action launcher backup
  8. We go to the cloud folder where we want to save the backup.
  9. Click on «Guburn » .
Action Launcher
Action Launcher